TORIC UHD 30mm 4-20x50 FFP MOA/MOA Long Range Rifle Scope

MOA (Minute Of Angle) based reticle and matching turret adjustments. This reticle is broken up into 1 MOA increments with larger hash marks indicating 5 MOA increments. Features TRACT's Ultra High Definition (UHD) optical design including industry leading SCHOTT High Transmission (HT) glass and ED Lens providing extreme low light performance and resolution especially at the higher magnifications. Designed and engineered here in the U.S., and built in Japan by the leading optical manufacturer in the world known for its precision components and extremely tight tolerances to provide you with an incredible Long Range Rifle Scope solution.
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TORIC 30mm MOA Overview


Overview video on the MOA version of the TORIC 30mm 4-20x50 FFP riflescope

Product Overview


The TORIC 30mm FFP 4-20X50 MOA Rifle scope is specifically designed for the Long Range hunter. The MOA based reticle and matching adjustments provide the accuracy and precision to make long distances only a number. Featuring TRACT’s advanced Ultra High Definition optical system comprising of Fully Multi-Coated SCHOTT HT (high transmission) glass, ED (Extra Low Dispersion) lens providing sharp, bright images with superior light transmission of any scope in this class. The large eyebox design of the quick focus eyepiece provides 4 inches of constant eye relief and the Glass Etched MOA reticle can be illuminated with 11 different intensity settings, providing you with a Long Range Rifle Scope with unsurpassed performance in low-light conditions.
TORIC UHD 30mm 4-20x50 FFP MOA/MOA Long Range Rifle Scope


Ultra High Definition Technology

TRACT's Fully Multi-Coated, Ultra High Definition optical system, utilizes an extra low dispersion (ED) lens to eliminate color fringing as well as highly prized Schott HT (High Transmission) glass to provide superior light transmission and bright, clear images even in low light hunting conditions.

30mm Main Body Tube

The 30mm, one-piece tube provides greater strength and a wider adjustment range for extreme long range shooting

First Focal Plane Reticle (FFP)

First Focal Plane design places the reticle in front of the erector system and allows accurate use of the MOA reticle for ranging or bullet drop correction at any magnification

MOA Reticle

MOA (Minute Of Angle) Based reticle is designed to allow the shooter to measure targets to determine the distance and then make corrections by either dialing or using the reticle for bullet drop compensation. the reticle is broken up into 1 MOA increments with larger hash marks indicating 5 MOA increments while the upper vertical and both horizontal ends of the reticle are marked in .5 MOA increments making the MOA reticle and incredibly versatile design

Locking Turret with Multi Rotation Zero Stop

Precision machined turret features .25 MOA per click adjustments and a locking system to eliminate inadvertent movement of your adjustments in the field or at the range. Multi Rotation Zero Stop makes sure you do not get lost in the rotations when dialing those extreme long range shots

Side Focus Parallax Adjustment

Side Focus allows you to dial out parallax from as close as 25 yards to infinity. Conveniently located for use while in the shooting position.

Illuminated Reticle

Provides 11 different intensity settings with ON/OFF positions between each setting. The CR2032 battery with a expected life of 360 hours on medium intensity is included.

Waterproof and Fogproof with Argon Gas

Fully waterproof and Fogproof using O-Ring seals and purged with Argon gas which has a higher resistance to temperature changes versus the Nitrogen used in many other competitor's products.

Magnification Ring

The super-smooth magnification ring, with rear facing numbers easily allows you to zoom from low to high power.

Quick Focus Eyepiece

Easily and quickly allows you to focus the sharpness of the reticle

Includes 3" Sunshade

Threaded sunshade reduces glare and minimizes game spooking reflections.

TRACT Trust Assurance Warranty

The TRACT Trust Assurance guarantees the functionality of the product for the duration of its lifetime regardless of whether you’re the original owner. No time limit applies and no paperwork is needed.

Product Specs

TORIC UHD 30mm 4-20x50 FFP MOA/MOA Long Range Rifle Scope
Objective Lens Diameter
Eye Relief (inches)
3.9 - 3.9
Exit Pupil
12.5 / 2.5
Field of View (@1,000 yards)
341 feet
Field of View (Low Power/High Power in feet @ 100 yards)
24.5 - 4.9'
Relative Brightness
Twilight Factor
Diopter Range
Length (inches)
Weight (ounces)
Elevation Adjustment Range (MOA)
Click Value (MOA)
Turret Lock
Turret Zero Stop
Yes / Multi Rotational
30mm (one piece)
Reticle Type
Glass Etched MOA
Fully Multi-coated
Custom Turret Compatible
Illuminated Reticle
Illuminated Reticle Battery Type
Illumination Battery Life
360 Hours at Medium Intensity
Recoil Shock Endurance
Operating Temperature Range
158°F to -1.4°F
Internal Charge
Argon Gas
Parallax Setting
25 yards to Infinity
Reticle Focal Plane
Eyepiece Outside Diameter
1.69 inches
Objective Outside Diameter
2.28 inches
Objective Diameter (millimeters)
Mount Space
Sunshade Included
Yes / 3 Inch Sunshade
Waterproof Depth (meters)
Country of Origin

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98% of 100
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Most Recent Reviews
  1. 100%

    by Nate Brubaker

    This is my first Tract Optics scope I bought,very pleased with the clarity, I have a few other $1,000 scopes and this is definitely as good if not slightly better. I only wish they would offer a few other reticle options,maybe something with a little less clutter,thinking a floating dot would be perfect
  2. 100%

    by RSmud

    Bought this for my RPR, absolutely phenomenal!!!!
    Beautiful glass, perfect tracking. I LOVE THIS SCOPE
  3. 80%


    I own the 4-20 and it is what I paid for. If it is SCHOTT glass it is not schott glass through out the assembly. As it does not compare at all to my IOR’s. It does compare to the vortex razor glass nicely. The side focus is very finicky more than likely due to the 30 mm tube. I kept it because it is cheaper than the razor for similar features. Tracks as most jap scopes some horizontal with extreme verticle.
  4. 100%

    by Bob Mavin

    I live in Australia, I’ve hunted all my life & still do a lot of hunting to this day. Being 72 years old I’ve owned & used a lot of scopes in my time. Tract optics are the best value for money I’ve ever used. The low light ability needs to be seen to believe, my Toric scopes are precise. To sight my rifle in it’s one shot on paper, read the impact with the reticle, dial it over, takes two shots total to put the impact where you want it . I only use Tract binoculars & rifle scope.
    To the two Jon’s ,,, thank you so much for producing Tract optics!!!
    Bob Mavi
  5. 100%

    by Matt Sroka

    I stumbled upon Tract during my exhaustive research for a long distance scope destined for a bench rest, not a hunting environment. Vortex and Nikon were my other top choices. Like most of us, I wanted quality, features and performance at a reasonable price and as a former pro photographer I knew what to look for in quality glass. Tract does not disappoint! Jon LaCorte was prompt and professional in personally answering my questions and always delivered superior customer service up to and after the sale (and often outside of normal business hours). The Toric UHD’s superb glass, illuminated reticle, power range and price were the top motivations for my choice, but Jon and Tract’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction were what ultimately sold me (especially considering that I couldn’t preview these scopes at a local store). The Toric was bright and easy to use during its first trip to the range on a dark and rainy day, mounting was straight forward and the accuracy was most excellent at 100 yds. I plan to extend to 200+ yds and am confident that experience will only produce more smiles for me. Stop researching, buy a Tract!
  6. 100%

    by Craig Groff

    Love my TORIC UHD 30mm 4-20x50 FFP MOA/MOA. Very simple to mount. Sighting in took less than 15 minutes. Quality of the optics is phenomenal. The cost is also phenomenal when you compare this to the expensive competition that it competes with. Working with the Jon LaCorte, one of the owners, on multiple questions was very encouraging that the owner gets involved to that degree!
    This purchase was a no brainer!
    Thank you Jon and Tract Optics!
  7. 100%

    by Jason Petree

    If you’re looking for a long range high quality piece of glass, look no further than the TORIC UHD 30MM 4-20x50. No other optic provider in the world can currently deliver a product this detailed, at this cost, with this warranty. Over the past two decades I’ve had the privilege of evaluating, testing, and critiquing just about every scope on the planet for both governmental and private sector use and applications. These scopes have ranged in prices from $100.00 to $7,000.00 on the individual basis. After putting this Tract to the test it was a clear decision to immediately transition to this brand for all my needs. This scope should easily be three times the current cost (IMO). Additionally, I can’t say enough great things about the owners… They both are artisans and will shoot you straight (no pun intended) when it comes to their products. I sure wish I could say the same for the other over-priced optics I own that have left me disappointed whether it be through price, quality/workmanship, or warranty challenges. Awesome guys, awesome company, awesome business model, and awesome products! You will not be disappointed.
  8. 100%

    by Phillip Lundell

    Honestly the best long range scope I have used on the market. I have used other high end brands in the past and none have them preformed like my Toric 30mm. From the range to my moose hunt this year it has performed flawlessly. Perfect tracking and built to handle being put through the outdoor elements. Glass is some of the best is the business. Do not pass on this amazing scope!
  9. 100%

    by Andrew Grippo

    I recently purchased a Bergara Premiere Series LRP Elite in 6.5 Creedmoor and was trying to decide which rifle scope to put on it when I came across the Tract Optics website. The more I checked into their products the more impressed I was with the business plan, quality and product price structure. The Toric has the particulars I was looking for in scope such as FFP, an effective MOA reticle, 30mm main tube, excellent glass, zero stop ability and the lifetime transferable warranty can’t be beat. I use Ballistic AE to figure the dope at various distances and the Toric provides the consistent elevation changes that are needed to be successful. I’ve been impressed with the smooth functionality of all the moving parts and was able to quickly get sighted in at 50, 100 and 200 yards without wasting a bunch of ammo. Overall I’ve been very happy with my purchase due to what I feel is a scope that is durable, met my needs and does it for an extremely fair price. Other manufacturers that offer equivalent quality and the same bells and whistles are charging significantly more and I appreciate being able to save a few bucks. It was nice to get a same day response from Jon when I had a couple of questions and I appreciated that level of customer service. I figure one of the 22 scopes will be coming my way soon because my old Ruger 10/22 needs a new eyeball.
  10. 100%

    by Domingo Fuentes

    I purchased the MOA version of the 4-20 30mm Toric scope. I just mounted the scope recently but I was impressed with the fit and finish of the scope. The scope was installed on a 26 nosler M48 Nosler rifle. I have already sighted in the rifle and the sighting in was uneventlful. The scope had a good response to zero in the rifle to the target at 50, then 100, then finally to 200 yards. This took about 5 rounds per distance target to get it on the bullseye as required. As for the scope, it has remarkable clarity, great eye relief (even at 20 magnification power) and good click effort on the dials. I was looking at the moon at 20 power and it was remarkable how clear and bright it seemed, picking up a lot of the moons crater details. Some of the features I like are: the light grey finish with white contrasting lines on the dials, the pull up dials that lock in place, the large numbers and hash marks, making for easy reading. The very good resolution from the schott glass. The lighted reticle is also my required item (due to night time hog hunting). And the best of all, the price. Lots of scope for the money. (and I have other great scopes for comparison, Leupold 6x 2-10 x 44, Steiner T5Xi 5-25 x56, Trijicon Accupoint 2.5-10 x56 and Vortex Viper PST 1.5-4 x40).
    Things I did not like: 1. The scope covers, fall off too easily and do not snap on the scope, just slip on the scope. 2. The Large dials, I suppose I’m used to smaller dials but they are OK and look good on this scope.
    3. The non available custom dial for this scope, perhaps available at a later date. You will need to use the impact ballistics programs and take your cheat/dope card with you to dial the range you will be shooting. BTW, the Impact ballistics program is great to use and is what I have used to get on target at large distances with factory ammo. My brother is now jealous and he may order one as well.
  11. 100%

    by Will Ott

    I was intrigued by the new 30mm Toric so I picked one up.
    I have plenty of top tier scopes ranging from NF to Hensoldt and I placed the Toric 30mm on top of each scope one at a time to start with optical clarity, myself and 11 other people went through each scope one at a time with both scopes sighted in at 1600 Yards every person was quite pleased with the optical clarity of the scope a general consensus was that it was very close to a NF Atacr 5-25.
    Next was to prove the tracking was reliable as let’s face it if it does not track it is only as good as a rock. I mounted it on top of one of my proven 6mm’s and zeroed the scope in at 100 Yards.
    Next was to do a Tall target tracking test starting at 100 yard zero and going up in 5 moa increments as well as 5 moa left and right windage up to 25 moa elevation and then back down to 100 yard zero, the scope performed flawless and tracked as it should.
    Next was to engage a range of steel targets ranging from 2050 Yards to 305 Yards and then back to 100 Yards on paper after each impact on steel at distance, the scope again performed flawless and had no problem reaching out to the ranges up to 1925 Yards on internal elevation and then I held over for the remaining elevation needed to make the 1975- 2050 yard shots.
    The only negatives I found for the scope where the slight wiggle you get in the turrets due to the locking turret design, the other was the fact that they used a extremely small Allen wrench for securing the turret and since the part is aluminum it will strip if over tightened ( UPDATE Jon Immediately resolved this issue and had the part now made with a larger Allen wrench size so this will not be a problem, the fact that they took care of the minor issue right away speaks volumes about the people running the show at Tract ).
    All in All this is a very well built scope that should not be over looked, if you are looking to upgrade from a lower end scope to something of higher quality or if you are like myself and do not want to put a Teir 1 scope on every rifle you own this is definitely one to look at. I would not hesitate to buy more of them in the future and I am glad to see someone offer a quality built product at a affordable price for shooters.