TORIC UHD 3-15X50 BDC Rifle Scope

The TORIC UHD 3-15x50 Rifle Scope utilizes TRACT’s Ultra High Definition optical system with industry leading SCHOTT HT (high transmission) glass, ED (Extra Low Dispersion) lens and a Fully Multi-Coated lens system that provides incredibly sharp, bright images with superior light transmission values. “The TORIC had one of the highest combined low-light and resolution scores in our test” Outdoor Life, Optics Gear Test - June/July 2016. TORIC Rifle Scopes are built in Japan with precision components to the highest tolerances by one of the leading optical manufacturers in the world.

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Glass-etched BDC Reticle

When you need a reticle with accurate Bullet Drop Compensation and windage correction, the Glass-etched Impact BDC reticle is it. The strategically placed ½ MoA BDC dots and pointed post bracketing system provide bullet drop compensation with a definitive aiming point that does not obscure the target, even at long range. The horizontal pointed posts allow you to bracket the target, making it easier to hold slightly higher or lower on the target. The vertical hash marks on the center crosshair and windage correction dots provide an approximate hold for a 10 mile-per-hour crosswind. The reticle is set up for both standard (2,800 fps) and magnum cartridge (3,000 fps) trajectory in approximate 100 yard increments. Simply sight a standard cartridge to 100 yards and a magnum at 200 yards. Or, to customize the reticle to your exact load, calculate the exact distance each dot represents by entering your cartridge info into the IMPACT Ballistic Program.

TORIC Turret Overview


Every TORIC riflescope comes with a high-profile turret kit that allows you to lock the turret as well as provide a zero stop.

Product Overview


This 5x zoom 3-15x50 TORIC UHD Rifle Scope is engineered for the long range hunter and shooter who needs that extra light gathering ability at higher power. It features TRACT’s advanced Ultra High Definition optical system comprising of Fully Multi-Coated SCHOTT HT (high transmission) glass, ED (Extra Low Dispersion) lens providing sharp, bright images with superior light transmission of any rifle scope in this class.

Take advantage of the quick focus eyepiece, 4 inches of constant eye relief and the Glass Etched BDC reticle providing unsurpassed performance in low-light conditions at longer distances.

Includes High Profile MOA turret kit with Zero Stop and Locking function. Customize your TORIC rifle scope with a selection of accuracy enhancing accessories such as the Low Profile Custom Turret or High Profile Custom Turret.

TORIC UHD 3-15X50 BDC Rifle Scope


Ultra High Definition Technology

TRACT's Fully Multi-Coated, Ultra High Definition optical system, utilizes an extra low dispersion (ED) lens to eliminate color fringing as well as highly prized Schott HT (High Transmission) glass to provide superior light transmission and bright, clear images even in low light hunting conditions.

Main Body Tube

The one-inch, one-piece tube is O-ring sealed and purged with Argon gas, making it completely waterproof and fogproof.

Magnification Ring

The super-smooth magnification ring, with rear facing numbers easily allows you to zoom from low to high power.

BDC Reticle

The versatile Glass Etched BDC reticle provides 10 mph Windage correction as well as bullet drop compensation without obscuring the target even at extreme long range. The Pointed Post Bracketing system allows you to place the reticle precisely especially when you need to hold slightly higher or lower on the target. Match your exact cartridge or handload to the Impact BDC reticle by simply entering your ballistic info into the BDC Ballistic program.

Locking Side Focus Parallax Adjustment

Locking Side Focus adjustment dials out parallax from 15 yards to Infinity increasing accuracy. Pull-out to turn & push-in to lock.

Windage and Elevation Adjustment Knobs

Hand Turn windage and elevation adjustments with precise, repeatable and audible 1/4" clicks at 100 yards are easily reset to zero without any tools, making sighting in or field adjustments quick and easy. Includes High Profile MOA turret kit with Zero Stop and Locking function. Customize your riflescope with a selection of accuracy enhancing accessories such as the Low Profile Custom Turret or High Profile Custom Turret.

Quick Focus Eyepiece

Easily and quickly allows you to focus the sharpness of the reticle

High Profile Turret Kit with Zero Stop and Lock Included

Includes High Profile MOA turret kit with Zero Stop and Locking function

Turret Reset to Zero

Easily reset the windage or elevation turret to zero without the use of any tools. Simply loosen the threaded top cap, lift the turret up and line up the zero with the vertical indicator mark on the turret housing. Thread the top cap on and your are all set!

Waterproof and Fogproof with Argon Gas

Fully waterproof and Fogproof using O-Ring seals and purged with Argon gas which has a higher resistance to temperature changes versus the Nitrogen used in many other competitor's products.

Matching Graphite colored rings (Not Included)

Don't forget to add Matching Graphite rings to your TORIC scope order. Manufactured by WARNE, these solid steel rings are the perfect compliment to your TORIC riflescope. Fits Weaver bases or Picatinny rails. NOT INCLUDED

TRACT Trust Assurance Warranty

The TRACT Trust Assurance guarantees the functionality of the product for the duration of its lifetime regardless of whether you’re the original owner.

Product Specs

TORIC UHD 3-15X50 BDC Rifle Scope
Objective Lens Diameter
Eye Relief (inches)
3.9 / 3.8
Exit Pupil
10 / 3.3
Field of View (Low Power/High Power in feet @ 100 yards)
34.3 / 6.8
Relative Brightness
Twilight Factor
Diopter Range
Weight (ounces)
Internal Adjustment Range (MOA)
1 inch (one piece)
Reticle Type
Glass Etched with Windage Correction
Fully Multi-coated
Recoil Shock Endurance
Operating Temperature Range
158°F to -1.4°F
Internal Charge
Argon Gas
Parallax Setting
15 yards to Infinity
Reticle Focal Plane
Eyepiece Outside Diameter
1.69 inches
Objective Outside Diameter
2.28 inches
Objective Diameter (millimeters)
Mount Space
5.21 inches
Waterproof Depth (meters)
Length (inches / millimeters)
13.86 / 352
Butler Creek Flip Up Cover Objective Size
43 (not included)
Butler Creek Flip Up Cover Eyepiece Size
19 (not included)
Country of Origin

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  1. 100%

    by Mike Tews

    Purchased one of these scopes in a demo model. I now own 4 of the Tract Toric model scopes and can honestly say, from my 50 years of hunting experience, and having owned some of the high end scopes (Zeiss Victory, Leica, and others), you would be hard pressed to see the optical quality difference. So for the average Hunter, this is a scope with high end quality at an attainable price for the masses. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra for one of these scopes, the scope of a lifetime with a warranty to match. Most importantly you always have a line to the owners who really care. All of this is worth it's weight in gold! I'm glad I did.
  2. 100%

    by Frank Miller

    Have to tell you this new toric scope tracks beautifully. After calibrating it at 100 yards, I set the elevation for 600 yards and hit the ten ring with three consecutive shots. Oh by the way, there was a 20 mph wind from 11:00. I’ll be buying another scope soon. Thanks for the precision in your scope. As a tooling eng., I truly appreciate it.
  3. 100%

    by dale conrad

    I received my toric 3x15 BDC scope with the 3in. lens shade and mounted it on my Tikka T3x. I have to say that I am favorably impressed with this scope. The side focus adjustment works very well and the range markings seem to be very close to their marked values. The windage and elevation turrets have a little more range than the specs call for and in what testing I was able to do are positive and repeatable. The view through the scope is probably the best I have seen on a rifle scope, from the 3 to 15 power the field of view is sharp and clear. The fast focus eyepiece is great, it made getting a good reticle focus easier and faster than on any other scope I have owned. I had hoped to check out the star sky with it but our weather has not been agreeable for star testing. For target shooting and hunting this scope is going to perform very well. As with any optic I would highly recommend the 3in. sunshade. Considering the zoom range and side focus system it is worth the price and then some.
    Now for the nit picking. The turret caps were very tight and I needed to grasp the turrets with marproof plyers to get the caps off of the turrets. Could possibly be caused by my getting older and weaker. The fast focus eyepiece was very stiff but that is a let better than being sloppy. The shadow detail in the scope was very good and was a little better with the sunshade, so it looks like some attention has been paid to internal reflective surfaces which is a good thing.
    I would have to say this scope will be hard to beat with any other scope on the market.
    Dale C.
  4. 100%

    by Lloyd Baldwin

    Great scope! It is mounted on a Kimber Varmint 22-250 that consistently shoots into an inch at 200 yards. Price is more than reasonable, shipping is fast, and customer service is beyond compare. I also like Tract’s online ballistic calculator. I have 3 more Tract scopes and a pair of binoculars - all are top notch. Getting ready to order another one of these for a rifle build.
  5. 100%

    by Jim Zorn

    Bought the Toric 3-15×50 scope to mount on an older Weatherby Vanguard in .30-06. The scope was easy to mount and to zero. The glass is really clear. Almost like a scope costing 5 times a much as the Toric did.

    Great scope for the money.
  6. 100%

    by Zane Kanetzky

    I ordered and received my Toric 3-15x50 with the BDC reticle. This scope has exceeded my expectations in every way. Best low light performance I’ve seen in a scope of this price range. The ballistics calculator on the website is phenomenal! Waiting for Tract to produce the same scope in a 4-20x50 or a 5-25x50 with a 30mm tube.
  7. 100%

    by James Poythress

    I have purchased 2 Toric and 2 Tekoa scopes in the last 11 months. The glass quality and overall composition of the scopes are equal to, or superior to Leupold Nikon, and Vortex for approximately half the price. The customer service offered by Jon LaCorte is outstanding. Will I buy more? Absolutely!
  8. 100%

    by Anthony Francks

    Just received my Toric 3-15 x 50 BDC Scope. I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the optics. I went to the local Cabela’s and looked through all of their high end scopes and decided to go with Tract Optics because of the good reviews. I’m glad that I decided to buy from Tract Optics. Their rifle scopes are on par with the high end scopes that I looked through. It’s refreshing to deal with a company that takes customer service personally. All my questions were answered by Jon LaCorte himself. You can’t ask for better customer service than that. This company is going places. This will be my go-to company for all of my optics.
  9. 100%

    by Alex B

    I just got back from hunting and the Toric riflescope was amazing. When comparing it to my Leupold scope you could easily tell that the quality of glass is far better. When you add pricing into the comparison, you realize how incredible the value is in buying a Tract scope.
  10. 100%

    by Kelly Newby

    This is my second Toric and simply put OUTSTANDING!
    I took this scope to basic Sniper school and it performed like a champ clear as a bell at 1000 yards sharp image, beautiful light gathering for the night shoot nothing it was a real work horse the only possible issue is it fell just a tad short on elevation but in all fairness it was on a 20” 308 with a 0 moa rail. I can assure you if you purchase this optic you will be delighted.
    Looking forward to some kind of “tactical” model possibly a 30mm tube with exposed turrets. This is one of the best if not the best scope I have owned.
    Thank you Tract!
  11. 100%

    by Ashley Taylor

    I am an active shooter for CBJ Precision Engineered Rifles, Inc. and CBJ Precision LLC - in our search for a quality mid-range optic we found TRACT to be a cut-above. It is almost not fair to call this a mid-range anything optic because of the high quality. Our Master Gunsmith, Corey James (CBJ) was right! ... The people make this product! We have been very impressed with this optics quality and testing on some of our most advanced weapon systems and found this optic to be on-par with higher-end Vortex, Nikon and some NightForce Optics. The clarity is mind blowing. HD Glass is crystal clear and precise at extreme distance. We shot thousands of rounds with this optic mounted on our most harsh recoiling weaponry and it passed beyond our expectations. TRACT is a great name for this product as not only did it “TRAC” it was mounted and de-mounted on several weapons, adjusted time and time again and remained dead zero for hundreds of rounds. Optics weight, fit, finish and quality and fluidity of controls put this optic at the top-end of other much higher priced optics of equal power. The optic is simplicity with form and function and belongs on our high-quality hunting and professional-grade weapon systems. We are very impressed to say the least and from a business standpoint your marketing, professionalism, dedication to the American Hunter is commendable and so honored by our company. I simply asked CBJ what he liked best of this optic and the smile on his face told the story, as he simply responded, “home run” ...“we found the people, the product and the company that gets it”.... He went on to say that the clarity and performance was beyond his expectations and this man’s expectations are very demanding as are the products he builds…. we will add to this…. “this is the optic of choice for all our advanced professional-grade hunting weaponry of all calibers we build”.... GREAT JOB Jon #1 and Jon #2—- LOL you guys are spot on and we honor your company! This is how it gets done!!!! Ashley @ —Thank you…
  12. 100%

    by Corey James

    Behind a great optic first is superior people with superior knowledge of the needs of the optic and experienced background… these are the “real deal” people that know optics… we will be testing these optics as exclusive offerings in our 2017 Line of Advanced Hunting Weapon Systems by: CBJ Precision Engineered Rifles, Inc. and CBJ Precision LLC -——performance with purpose…. Great optics, superior people! - CBJ
  13. 100%

    by Robert Segarra

    Outstanding quality scope in every sense. Image is incredibly clear and the turrets behave as precise instruments for adjusting windage, elevation and parallax. Additionally, it meant a lot to me that I actually spoke to Jon one of the company fouders. This type of service and gesture speaks volumes of what the company is all about. I like the scope I have in front of me. Love the color, it feels almost like a 30 mm tube. Can’t wait to test it!
  14. 100%

    by Quentin Voth

    I put to a vortex hs-lr, the toric was a lot better in the evening and clear image was definitely a bonus. I bugged the crap out Jon for days before purchasing this scope he was very nice, he answered questions more salesman like. To talk to founder himself I knew I was in good hands. I believe I got more for my money then with the vortex. Awesome color very quality product. I would definitely recommend it I haven’t wrote a review on anything before I believe this product is worth writing a review taking the time to write a review about. I actually purchased a set bino’s after using the scope.
  15. 100%

    by David White

    What a beautiful piece of glass! Both aesthetically and (more importantly) optically. It produced really outstanding brightness and clarity. The controls were smooth, well placed, and functional. The graphite color looked outstanding against my black rifle (especially with the Cerakoted mount – thanks for that BTW!!!). The range was rather crowded today with many getting their rifles sighted in anticipation of deer season. The Tract got quite a lot of interest amongst the other shooters (“beautiful scope”, “really sharp optics”, “where did you get it?”).

    Thanks again for the great customer service. You really went above-and-beyond in answering my questions and in customizing the mount.
  16. 100%

    by Steven Moldin

    I’m a new and very satisfied owner of a TORIC 3x15x50 riflescope and have fired about 500 rounds of 7.62mm ammo through a Ruger SR762 on which the TORIC is mounted. The build quality of the scope is outstanding, and its performance has been flawless. Sight pictures are super clear and crisp. An extremely cool aspect is the impact ballistics program on the Tract Optics website, which is incredibly useful when using the BDC reticle. I’ve used the riflescope to shoot up to 400 yards (the limit of my range) and the program calculations matched up precisely with the BDC reticle etchings. I was able to hit steel targets at this distance consistently the first time by using the BDC etchings based on the program calculations.

    Prior to my purchase, I spent a month researching riflescopes and I can say in my opinion that at this price point there is no better riflescope than the TORIC. The customer service is also spectacular. I’ve spoken with both co-founders, Jon Allen and Jon LaCorte. They were incredibly knowledgable and super helpful in working with me to identify the best riflescope for what I needed.

    Count me as a customer for life!
  17. 100%


    Late last year I had the pleasure to preview a pair of Binoculars from a new optics brand - Tract Optics. I was so impressed with the overall quality ...and the value of direct-to-consumer pricing, I promptly bought a pair of Toric 10x42’s. I’ve owned top-brand European optics for decades, but the new Tract Optics are as clear and crisp as anything I’ve ever owned! For Christmas I bought a second pair for my parents. They love them, too.
    Now, the newest Tract Optic products are here….riflescopes! Right in my wheelhouse for sure. Recently received a new Tract Toric Impact scope 3x15x50 model. To say I’m a “gun nut” is an understatement…I have dozens and dozens of very high quality guns and I enjoy building guns, too. Before I ever got this new Tract scope mounted on a little 6.5 Grendel AR-15, I was greatly impressed with the product experience! Everything is perfectly packaged, finished and nicely done. The scope gives an extremely high-quality impression even while held in your hand. (Be aware this scope features a matte grey finish…not matte black)
    Now mounted on the 6.5 Grendel, it shoots perfectly. The adjustments, fit, finish, clarity, even the wonderful BDC reticle, are all superb! Could not be more pleased with both Tract Toric optics I’ve received.
    Yes, I’d certainly recommend these products to a friend….but you’ll have to wait a little, as I’m ordering another scope for myself!
    Scott Shultz
    President, ScentBlocker Products.