I'm Not Easy on Equipment

As a hunter, guide, and You Tube bowhunting researcher I am perfecting the art of being a small boy, at least, on most days. Like a kid, I am not easy on equipment. It needs to run, shoot, behave, “see” and perform in all conditions or I move onto something else. My first introduction to Tract Optics was in San Antonio, Texas at the Texas Trophy Hunters Expo. If my 51-year-old mind has this correctly, circa 2017 or so! There I met Jon Allen and Jon LaCorte. It was handy, I was in pursuit of binoculars. You see, for me, elk and mule deer opportunities were literally weeks away. TRACT is a direct to consumer optics company and they make ultra rugged stuff. Trust me man, I’ve tried to kill them.


Tripods Have Been Magic For Me!


Most of my western hunting has evolved into long days behind the glass. If you’ve never hunted from high points with tripod mounted glass, you’re missing out. One of the keys to hunting “big country” is to find the animals first and save your energy. Sure, you can get some $100 “binoculars” swinging around on your neck. Got that. But, trust me man, marching around like a rampaging maniac in “pursuit of game” can work. In most cases there will be day 3,4,5,6,7+ and it can be exhausting. TRACT offers 10 and 12.5 power glass for this kind of work. Head to their website for more information on these ultra rugged binoculars.

I’m Here To Talk About Hunting

This kind of hunting, is very efficient, as discussed, but eye strain can eat you alive. Literally having blurry, unfocused, low quality binoculars will seem ok for a while, but your eyes will make the focus adjustment. Though you don’t realize it. After a while and I’m talking sitting 4-6 hours glassing huge country, your head will literally start pounding.

Durability can be an issue with lower grade equipment. If you’re three miles from the truck in cold, snowy, conditions. Well, things happen. You work across a couple ridges, tripod and binoculars strapped to a pack, you’ll hit tree’s, slip and fall, forget they are there and then you unload a 40-pound pack, boom! Your $100 binoculars just broke in half. Been there, done that.


Quality Construction is 100% Necessary

It's 10 to Win!

I am primarily a bowhunter, when we go out west, everything above applies. Tripod, long hours on the glass, find the game and then stalk or ambush. However, on the family ranch here in Texas, where I do most of my You Tube bowhunting research, I’ve played with 8, 10 and 12 power binoculars and for me “its 10 to win”. I really like the size of these binoculars as well. Small, powerful and ultra rugged. Easy to put into any binocular harness system, take a peek at an approaching deer and slip them away.


The Size and Power Combination is Hard to Beat


Bowhunting in the whitetail woods or some elk hunting can be a close-range deal, got that. But 8 hasn’t been enough sometimes when I can see a long way. Then when they are close enough to need a lower power binocular, heck, grab the bow! If you hunt extremely tight cover, TRACT offers 8 power binoculars too. Pick what works for your particular hunting situation. None of these ultra rugged binoculars will let you down.

Ultra Rugged Binoculars Pay Off

I’ve beat my TORIC 10X42’s over the past 3 years, 4 states, 6 different species and multiple hunt strategies. They’ve been on a tripod, tailgate, dropped multiple times when I was carrying a heavy pack and survived. Rain, snow, mud, and sunny days too! Probably one of the best compliments I can give this tool is when I let someone at the ranch borrow them. You know how that usually goes. They come back mysteriously missing some parts or one of the lenses is full of mud. “Yeah, I don’t know what happened?” The ultra rugged  TORIC’s takes it like a champ and haven’t had one single issue.


May you enjoy each day the sun comes up and you have hot coffee while sitting behind a set of TORIC ultra rugged binoculars.

Troy Fowler
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