TORIC 8X42 Binoculars SCHOTT HT

Our Award Winning TORIC 8x42 Binoculars feature highly prized SCHOTT HT (High Transmission) glass for improved image quality and superior light transmission values, especially in the blue and violet spectrum, for outstanding color brilliance. These TORIC 8X42 Binoculars fetaure Flat Multi-coating which enhances overall light transmission over a wider spectrum of light critical for Hunting Binoculars (from 400-700nm), especially in the green color range and a Locking Diopter to eliminate inadvertent movement in the field. The amazing low light clarity and dependability in rugged conditions make the TORIC 8x42 Binoculars a great option for hunting or birding.

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The TORIC Differentiator


Several elements, including the Ultra High Definition (UHD) Optical System of the TORIC, set it apart from any binocular in its class.

Product Overview


The TORIC 8x42 Binocular is the best binocular in its price class on today's market. Beneficial in the wide open spaces and ever-changing climates where big game roam, this is the binocular of choice for serious outdoorsmen. The amazing clarity in low light and rugged design combine to make the TORIC a fail-safe option that's guaranteed to perform in any situation.  

NEW Features include:

Highly Prized SCHOTT HT (High Transmission) glass
Flat Multicoating - Increases Light Transmission over a wider spectrum of light
Locking Diopter

Every TORIC binocular includes the following accessories:

Neoprene Cushioned neck strap
Ocular Rainguard
Tethered/Removable Objective Covers
Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth

TORIC 8X42 Binoculars SCHOTT HT


SCHOTT High Transmission Glass

Highly Prized SCHOTT HT (High Transmission) glass provides the highest level of light transmission values especially in the blue and violet spectrum, with outstanding color brilliance and superior image resolution quality especially in low light conditions.

Flat Multicoating

Increases Light Transmission over a wider spectrum of light (from 400-700nm)with the highest increase in transmission values in the green color range.

Locking Diopter

Simple Locking Diopter system eliminates inadvertent movement in the field and insures strain free viewing.

Ultra High Definition Technology

TRACT’s Ultra High Definition (UHD) Technology is maximized by all of the elements that are part of the optical system, including Extra Low Dispersion Glass, Super High Reflective Dielectric Coated and Phase Correction Coated Roof Schmidt-Pechan Prisms, and Fully Multicoated Lenses.

Enhanced Ocular Design

The enhanced ocular diameter of the TORIC provides for a wider field of view and longer eye relief while minimizing the blackout that occurs with improper eye position.

Multi-stop Eyecups

The specialized eyecup design features a multi-stop function that holds the position of the eyecup in place and does not move until you're ready to reposition them. Rounded edges that contour to the shape of your eye sockets provide the ultimate in comfort during long hours of use.

Fully Rubber Armored Magnesium Alloy Body Construction

The lightweight, super-rugged Magnesium Alloy body construction makes this binocular a hunter's choice for those days when durability matters.

Scratch-proof, Oil-phobic Lens Coating

Using a highly advanced coating on the eyepiece and objective lenses, our Fully Multicoated Lenses are incredibly scratch-resistance and prevent various oils, dust and dirt from adhering to the surface of the glass. They’re also made to keep light from reflecting off the polished glass surface.

Waterproof and Fogproof with Argon Gas

IPX7 Rating - Fully waterproof to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes and Fogproof using O-Ring seals and purged with Argon gas which has a higher resistance to temperature changes versus the Nitrogen used in many other competitor's products.

TRACT's Trust Assurance Warranty

The TRACT Trust Assurance guarantees the functionality of the product for the duration of its lifetime whether you’re the original owner or not. We believe the customer’s experience is our responsibility.

Product Specs

TORIC 8X42 Binoculars SCHOTT HT
Objective Lens Diameter
Eye Relief (mm)
Exit Pupil
Angle of View
Field of View (@1,000 yards)
377 feet
Apparent Field of View
Relative Brightness
Twilight Factor
Interpupillary Distance
Close Focus Distance
8.2 feet
Diopter Adjustment
Diopter Range
+/- 2
Eyecup Material
Latex Free Nitrile Rubber
Eyecup Style
Round Contoured - Soft Edge
Eyecup Function
Twist Up Multi Position w/ Click-Stop Feature
Ultra High-Definition (ED) Glass
Prism Style
Roof Schmidt-Pechan
Fully Multicoated Lenses & Prisms
Phase Correction Coated Prisms
Prism Coating
Super High Reflective Dielectric
Eyepiece Lens System Construction
4 elements 5 Lenses
Objective Lens System Construction
3 elements 4 lenses
Lens Protective Coating
Oil-phobic, Scratch Proof, Fingerprint Resistant
Chassis Construction
Magnesium Alloy
Focusing System
Internal Central Focus
Body Covering
Fully Rubber Armored w/ Tactile Texturing
Body Armor Material
Waterproof Rating
IPX7 - 1 meter for 30 Minutes
Internal Gas Purged
Weight (ounces)
Internal Charge
Argon Gas
Tripod Adaptable
Country of Origin

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  1. 100%

    by MurrayB

    I orded these binos and they far exceed any other binos I've ever had . They guys ar tract are very knowledgeable and very helpful. I will be recommending these binos to all of my hunting buddys
  2. 100%

    by David S Purvis

    Best binoculars I’ve ever had. They are significantly better than my wife’s Zeiss binoculars for wildlife viewing and are very good in low light.
  3. 100%

    by James Landry

    My experience with Tract and the HT binoculars has been 5 star all the way. I emailed some questions and was immediately answered by one of the owners. That level of service is virtually non-existent today. My binoculars were well packed, shipped quickly, and arrived without incident.
    I am very impressed with my purchase. The build quality is top notch and they are excellent optically. Resolution, light transmission, glare control and fov are all very good. Focus wheels can be a pet peeve of mine but this one is exceptional . It has no slack and the speed/tension are just right. I really haven’t seen any weaknesses with the Toric HT. I would not hesitate to take these on any hunt.
    I am no expert but I have owned quite a few binoculars from $500 up to the alpha level. At this price point, these are going to be pretty tough to beat. If the Toric HT doesn’t make you happy, prepare to spend a minimum of $1500 for that last couple percent in performance.
  4. 100%

    by Thomas Press

    My Toric 8 x 42 is a world class binocular with stunning images and effortless handling at a jaw droppingly reasonable price. Jon LaCorte is the real deal and a genuinely nice person. I am exceptionally pleased I took the leap of faith to buy this instrument.
  5. 100%

    by Matt Hatlow

    I am typically not a review writer for any product, but I just received my Toric 8x42 binocular today and while I am hardly an optics expert by any stretch, I was impressed with the brightness and clarity. This is the second Tract purchase I have made with the first being the Toric 3x15x42 scope. I like the quality and value of both optics. I hope for you continued business success and growth.
  6. 100%

    by James Perito

    Having begun my search for binoculars at a couple different big sports stores, I checked out every make and model they carried. After a couple of hours I narrowed the selection to two fairly expensive models from Leupold and Zeiss. However, I didn’t get that strong feeling inside me that compels me to make a purchase, I felt like I chose the best 2 options for me from that store but neither one put me over the top to make a purchase.

    A couple of weeks later while at the Rockland Sports show in Suffern NY I saw the Tract Optics booth and thought why not check this brand out. I had to break away from my normalcy bias of considering what was to me, an unfamiliar brand. After years of looking at magazine articles, going to sports shows, seeing what brands my buddies own typically that is all one considers, without checking out all options.

    I’m glad to have met Jon and checked out Tract Optics line of binoculars. I purchased the Toric UHD 8 x 42 binoculars with a case and harness. I received the binoculars in perfect condition. The packaging is really nice and creates the impression, right up front, attention is paid to details and one just purchased a high quality product.

    After opening the packaging and pulling out the binos, I adjusted for my vision and spent the next half hour looking at familiar surroundings in my neighborhood. I was looking through a darker, shaded tree line and saw the newly installed athletic fields adjacent our middle school. I didn’t realize what I haven’t been noticing out my own window!

    Across from my home is a field which is at the back of our middle school, 3 people were out walking 2 dogs. I put the glasses on them and was really impressed on the clarity and brightness of the image. I could easily read the expressions on their faces where before I could not tell if it was a man or woman at that distance with my own eyes.

    High quality glasses. I told my friend about Tract Optics binoculars and scopes who has hunted numerous times in South Africa, Western USA and New Zealand. We are going on a Safari to South Africa with him in 2019. He recommended 8 x 42 glasses being the correct glass needed for the area we will be hunting, he is very familiar with the terrain there. I guess I talked up the glasses pretty good when we last spoke because he wants to check out the binos next time we get together to view his recently arrived mounts in his game room.

    Jon, I appreciate the help you provided me at the Rockland County Sportsman show in Suffern NY and your welcoming conversation with my family so they may also appreciate what makes a great binocular. You went above and beyond making arrangements so I could check out the Toric. I really appreciate your passion and attention to teaching the important aspects of great binoculars and then explaining how Tract Optics meets those criteria.
  7. 100%

    by Dan Richards

    I’ve been super happy with my 8x42 Toric binoculars. The build quality is second to none. The optics are fantastic. Something special is happening with Tract. Seeing world class gear come from a small new company in the US is really exciting. My brother has purchased tract rifle scopes and raves about them as well. Thank you Jon!
  8. 100%

    by Daniel Henson

    To my eyes these 8x42 Toric binos look as good as my Leica Ultravid BR’s that cost over 3x as much. Every superlative you read in these reviews is true including the fact that John will return your calls personally and take care of you. My advice is that you should buy these and pocket the difference for other gear, or your 401k, with a big smile on your face.
  9. 100%

    by Travis Smith

    These things are like glass wizardry. I use them for active birdwatching, which I imagine is like hunting without the bang. Optically, they’re some of the best binoculars I have ever put my hands on. I have tried out binoculars that cost up to four times as much, and I would honestly prefer to have four pairs of Torics. I also tested options from Maven and Leica that cost almost twice as much as the Torics, and, while they were really solid glass in all instances, the Torics had the best balance all around. The image is brilliantly sharp, the color rendition is neutral, the focus knob is silky and light, and the weight and size are just right. Not to mention that the folks at Tract are straightforward and easy to get ahold of, and that their warranty should be about as good as you could ask for. I haven’t had to put my pair of Torics through any endurance testing (yet), but the warranty means that I’m not afraid to take these with me even if things might get a little dicey. Still, I’m hoping I’ll never have to find out how good the warranty service is.
  10. 100%

    by Clint Bravo

    Based on TRACT’S informative videos, I decided to go with the Toric 8x42. I hunt whitetail in the Alabama Southern Blackbelt Region and felt that particular glass suited my hunting environment. I previously used Nikon Monarch 10X42. Boy, what a difference! You can read their bullet points on the Tract differences but all I can say is it translates to a noticeable upgrade to what I am used to seeing! Made my time in the field much more enjoyable. Highly recommend!
  11. 100%

    by Scott Smith

    I’ve got a few pair of binoculars and these are the best I’ve ever purchased. Let me start off by saying how great the people are at tract. I called and talked to Jon to get some advise on there products. I ordered the 8x42 and O MY. He told me they where nice and I wouldn’t be disappointed. Like I said I’ve got several binoculars and these are GREAT. I’m not a optics guru but I am hunting fanatic. And these things flat hunt. That’s the best praise I can give them. They will get you a ticket for hunting past legal light.
  12. 100%

    by James Griffith

    My rifle optics are Swarovski and Zeiss. I was looking to replace an aging pair of Nikon binoculars and was steeling myself for a wallet contusion. I emailed Tract on Thanksgiving day to ask about their best low light pair. No rush, etc. Got an email back from Jon LaCorte in about 20 minutes suggesting the Toric 8X42s. They arrived Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Have been using them each evening watching the deer at my feeder till well after legal shooting hours. I have every confidence that I can make a correct Go/No Go decision with this pair when the right buck shows up. Appears to be an excellent optical value.
  13. 100%

    by Bryce Middleton

    Initial impression was good, but I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive to look through them for fear of disappointment. I’ve been indoctrinated into believing I had to spend thousands of dollars to have the optical performance I desired. I’ve been frustrated for years searching for binoculars. I ear glasses, and after looking through possibly hundreds of store displays, I never could find that combination of eye relief, optical performance, and price that made me think, “Wow, I have to have these!”. The only ones that performed to my expectations were over $2000, and they were out of my “happy wife” budget. I took a chance on Tract and I’m glad I did! I’m not one for writing reviews, but I relied on them to make my purchase, so I wanted to give future purchasers some more reassurance. I was ready to look through them, box them up and send them back, but after playing with them all evening, I can emphatically say, “I’m keeping these!”
  14. 100%

    by thomas press

    These binoculars are optically and ergonomically superb, easily worth twice the asking price. My sole reason for deducting a star is the looser than expected hinge - not a deal breaker but not perfect either. Jon LaCorte offered to repair (tighten) the hinge without charge, and if I weren’t enjoying using the binocular as much as I am at present, I would take Jon up on his repair offer. Bottom line - this is an exceptional binocular which consistently delivers stunning images, and I have a high degree of confidence in the company’s customer support. I have no regrets whatsoever over my purchase.
  15. 100%

    by Jesse Mills

    The Tract Toric 8x42 is an absolutely amazing deal! I compared these binoculars with a Leica Trinovid (2015, non HD model) which sold for $1500+. In terms of build quality, the Toric holds its own. The eyecups are extremely well made on the Toric, and the adjustments are very precise. The center hinge on the Toric is strong, and the rubber armouring is perfectly snug. The focuser on the Toric is smoother than the Trinovid, and the overall size and weights were almost identical. With regards to the glass, the Toric also held its own, appearing just as bright, sharp, and even showing (to my eyes) a touch more contrast. To say I am thrilled with the quality of these binoculars is an understatement!

    During the purchasing process I had numerous occasions to contact Jon, and he was always extremely helpful and professional. I’ve never experienced this level of customer support from a company owner. To sum things up, these are great optics, from a great company. I think the Tract Toric provides the best value in binoculars, period.
  16. 100%

    by Doug Melander

    These are a wonderful pair of binoculars with bright and clear optics and they have a very high level of fit and finish.

    I first came across this brand after reading a 2016 OutdoorLife binocular shootout online which rated these very high. I am very happy I came across this review because I had been looking for a pair of 8x42 binoculars and I was not happy with the fit and finish I was seeing from the competitors in this price range so I went out on a limb and purchased these without ever handling them.

    I was extremely impressed after receiving them and they are built really nice with wonderful optical clarity and brightness. Hunting out of a blind with these is like looking into another layer of the woods and I was able to find deer I would have never found before.

    This will not be my last Tract Optic purchase and I look forward to seeing if you come out with a Spotting Scope line down the road.
  17. 100%

    by Andrew Herr

    I have used other brands over the years of hunting but when my strap snapped off my old brand breaking the glasses on a stone wall my friend told me about TRACT optics. I am glad he did. When I opened up the box and took out the glasses, I could tell right off the bat they were put together real well. I put them up to my eyes and was able to see the rust on a door hinge 40 yards away. The clarity of the optics is out of this world. The images are crisp and clear at more than 100 yards away. The non reflective surface is great for being not seen out in the field. The non slip texture on the glasses is another great feature. The size of the glasses could fit into one of your coat pockets its so compact. Big glass performance in a small package. Well done.
  18. 100%

    by gregory raudabaugh

    I have been using an slc 8x30 for the past 7 years and have always been very pleased with their performance. Around two years ago I began looking for an 8x42 for better low light performance. I handled several Chinese brands in stores, that had good reviews online, but could not get past the sub par build quality (loose hinges, loose or sloppy focus knobs, and cheap eye cups). I found a few nice Japanese binoculars, but didn’t want to spend $1000.00. I saw a few reviews for the Tract Toric and had to see for myself. I’ve had them for about 2 weeks now and I’m very impressed! The build quality is right there with the slc. The hinge is nice and snug, focus knob is snug with no slack, and eye cups are actually metal. The eye and objective covers fit very well. When walking and bringing these up to my eyes, everything is exactly where I left them! The view really surprised me. I was hoping for something brighter at dawn and dusk, but got much more! These are much brighter in good or bad light, whites are whiter, blacks are blacker, and they absolutely show sharper detail. Looking across a field into the shaded woods the Toric shows more detail on the tree bark, and it is sharper with subtle colors more pronounced. I now know what snapping into focus means! The image is so clear and defined I instantly know I’m at perfect focus, no more going slightly back and forth to find best image. To say I’m pleased is hardly enough. I got excellent build quality and great optics for practically half of the better Japanese binoculars I looked at. Any questions or concerns I had emailed, I had a response in an hour or less. I truly appreciate what these guys are doing with their product!
  19. 100%

    by Johnny Grimes

    While I do not consider myself an optics expert, I do have considerable experience with high end hunting optics, particularly binoculars. I still own a few sets of Euro binoculars but nothing in 8x, so when I started reading about the Tract optics, customer service, and the people associated with the brand and what they stand for I became more interested. I had the opportunity to meet them at a show in Dallas, TX and wound up purchasing the 8x42 Toric. To say I’m impressed is a huge understatement.

    I was so impressed with them that I decided to take them on my most recent trip to Namibia for a management plains game hunt. I was not disappointed, in fact the more I used them the more impressed I became, and I am very, very picky. In camp, between our group and the PH’s, there were Swaro SLCneu, a couple pair of Swaro SLC 8x30’s, a Conquest HD, a Leupold Mojave Pro Guide HD, and my Tract Toric 8x42. The Toric was easily the best of the bunch, and it didn’t take very long to see it. Everyone there agreed, and I consider myself lucky I made it home with them!

    The Toric is extremely well built, everything that is supposed to move does so easily, the eyecups, no matter the position, stay in place without moving (a big pet peeve of mine), it has an ultra smooth focus mechanism, and the optics are extremely sharp, clear, and bright. With the business model of direct selling to the consumer with not middle man (retailer), a guy will find Tract optics to be a fantastic value of exceptional quality.
  20. 100%


    By Ray Howell - As an outdoorsman, I’ve been truly blessed in my life to be able to chase my dreams of hunting critters in many different countries with a bow in my hand. One of the most important tools in my game bag has always been my set of optics. Throughout the years I’ve had the opportunity to hunt using the best brand named optics in the industry and I’ve found that the clarity, durability, and noiseless, non-reflective surface of my Toric 8x42 optics by TRACT are second to none. The incredible clarity allows me to look through heavily wooded areas or at long distances in open terrain and pick out the critter I’m pursuing which gives me an advantage to be successful in the field. This year I’ve harvested several animals in all types of weather; rain, snow, and subzero temperatures and my Torics have performed flawlessly. I learned firsthand how durable these optics are. While on a hunt, I accidently dropped them onto a hard surface. I was upset with myself and thinking the worst but you can’t imagine how impressed I was after inspecting them and discovering they were as good as new!
    What an amazing product—developed by hunter for hunters!