TORIC 10X42 Binoculars SCHOTT HT

Our Award Winning TORIC 10x42 Binoculars feature highly prized SCHOTT HT (High Transmission) glass for improved image quality and superior light transmission values, especially in the blue and violet spectrum, for outstanding color brilliance. Flat Multi-coating which enhances overall light transmission over a wider spectrum of light critical in Hunting Binoculars (from 400-700nm), especially in the green color range. These TORIC 10X42 Hunting Binoculars Feature a Locking Diopter to eliminate inadvertent movement and multi-position rounded eye cups for increased comfort in the field. The amazing low light clarity and dependability in rugged conditions make the TORIC 10X42 Binoculars a fail-safe option that's sure to deliver trusted Tract performance.

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Check out this video that covers the added features and benefits of the NEW TORIC 10x42 binocular with SCHOTT HT Glass, Flat Multicoating and a Locking Diopter

Product Overview


The TORIC 10x42 Binocular is the best binocular in its price class on today's market. Beneficial in the wide open spaces and ever-changing climates where big game roam, this is the binocular of choice for serious outdoorsmen. The amazing clarity in low light and rugged design combine to make the TORIC a fail-safe option that's guaranteed to perform in any situation.  

NEW Features include:

  • Highly Prized SCHOTT HT (High Transmission) glass
  • Flat Multicoating - Increases Light Transmission over a wider spectrum of light
  • Locking Diopter
    • Every TORIC binocular includes the following accessories:

    • Neoprene Cushioned neck strap
    • Ocular Rainguard
    • Tethered/Removable Objective Covers
    • Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth
    • TORIC 10X42 Binoculars SCHOTT HT


      SCHOTT High Transmission Glass

      Highly Prized SCHOTT HT (High Transmission) glass provides the highest level of light transmission values especially in the blue and violet spectrum, with outstanding color brilliance and superior image resolution quality especially in low light conditions.

      Flat Multicoating

      Increases Light Transmission over a wider spectrum of light (from 400-700nm)with the highest increase in transmission values in the green color range.

      Locking Diopter

      Simple Locking Diopter system eliminates inadvertent movement in the field and insures strain free viewing.

      Ultra High Definition Technology

      TRACT’s Ultra High Definition (UHD) Technology is maximized by all of the elements that are part of the optical system, including Extra Low Dispersion Glass, Super High Reflective Dielectric Coated and Phase Correction Coated Roof Schmidt-Pechan Prisms, and Fully Multicoated Lenses.

      Enhanced Ocular Design

      The enhanced ocular diameter of the TORIC provides for a wider field of view and longer eye relief while minimizing the blackout that occurs with improper eye position.

      Multi-stop Eyecups

      The specialized eyecup design features a multi-stop function that holds the position of the eyecup in place and does not move until you're ready to reposition them. Rounded edges that contour to the shape of your eye sockets provide the ultimate in comfort during long hours of use.

      Fully Rubber Armored Magnesium Alloy Body Construction

      The lightweight, super-rugged Magnesium Alloy body construction makes this binocular a hunter's choice for those days when durability matters.

      Scratch-proof, Oil-phobic Lens Coating

      Using a highly advanced coating on the eyepiece and objective lenses, our Fully Multicoated Lenses are incredibly scratch-resistance and prevent various oils, dust and dirt from adhering to the surface of the glass. They’re also made to keep light from reflecting off the polished glass surface.

      Waterproof and Fogproof with Argon Gas

      IPX7 Rating - Fully waterproof to a depth of 3 meters for 30 minutes and Fogproof using O-Ring seals and purged with Argon gas which has a higher resistance to temperature changes versus the Nitrogen used in many other competitor's products.

      TRACT's Trust Assurance Warranty

      The TRACT Trust Assurance guarantees the functionality of the product for the duration of its lifetime whether you’re the original owner or not. We believe the customer’s experience is our responsibility.

      Product Specs

      TORIC 10X42 Binoculars SCHOTT HT
      Objective Lens Diameter
      Eye Relief (mm)
      Exit Pupil
      Angle of View
      Field of View (@1,000 yards)
      341 feet
      Apparent Field of View
      Relative Brightness
      Twilight Factor
      Interpupillary Distance
      Close Focus Distance
      8.2 feet
      Diopter Adjustment
      Diopter Range
      +/- 4
      Eyecup Material
      Latex Free Nitrile Rubber
      Eyecup Style
      Round Contoured - Soft Edge
      Eyecup Function
      Twist Up Multi Position w/ Click-Stop Feature
      Ultra High-Definition (ED) Glass
      Prism Style
      Roof Schmidt-Pechan
      Fully Multicoated Lenses & Prisms
      Phase Correction Coated Prisms
      Prism Coating
      Super High Reflective Dielectric
      Eyepiece Lens System Construction
      4 elements 6 Lenses
      Objective Lens System Construction
      3 elements 4 lenses
      Lens Protective Coating
      Oil-phobic, Scratch Proof, Fingerprint Resistant
      Chassis Construction
      Magnesium Alloy
      Focusing System
      Internal Central Focus
      Body Covering
      Fully Rubber Armored w/ Tactile Texturing
      Body Armor Material
      Waterproof Rating
      IPX7 - 1 meter for 30 Minutes
      Internal Gas Purged
      Weight (ounces)
      Operating Temperature Range
      158°F to -1.4°F
      Tripod Adaptable
      Internal Fogproofing Gas
      Country of Origin

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      99% of 100
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      1. 100%

        by Long Range Groundhog Hunter

        I purchased the 10X42 bino's last summer. I was blown away by the glass clarity, the overall feel, and top notch quality of this optic. I had my dad and brother look through them and they were amazed at how crystal clear they were. I used them mainly for looking for groundhogs (at over 500 yards away) and stalking or glassing for deer. I've had other optics in the past that have put a strain on my eyes after looking through them for 10 minutes, but not so with this optic. Last of all, if your looking for a pair of optics that won't break the bank, this is the way to go. I'm looking to purchase a rifle scope from Tract Optics and I know I won't be disappointed.
      2. 100%

        by Old Guy

        My nickname is "old guy" I have been around working on 8 decades . At one time or another I have used all the scopes and binoculars made. I have taught many men the sport of shooting and hunting , I have a private range and have conducted classes for young sportsman up to LEO's . For me , I let most of the the technical talk go over my head. I use what works . I viewed these Toric Optics as another glass co. wanting to impress potential buyers...Well , was i impressed when I had a chance to use a Toric scope . It blew me away with every aspect you look for in a great glass. Since then I have purchased a pair of the Toric 10X42 Binoculars and have not only shown them to all my friends but have took 5 pair of binos, wrapped them in cloth , set them up on a table at the waning minutes of daylight and had 6 friends look at them at the same target ( typed piece of paper ) at 150 yds. and let them grade them . Toric Optics came out # 1 with a vote of Toric 5 - Zeiss-1 , the other bino's did not get a vote. Simply put --- they work better than the others . I cant wait for the spotting scopes to get on the market , I will own one .
      3. 100%

        by Bob VG

        Having recently purchased these, I conducted a field test with two friends using their binos side by side: One had Swarovski 10x42 ELs and the other had Zeiss 10x42 Victory SFs. We all came to the same conclusion – that the performance of the Tract Torics was very impressive and extremely close to that of the Swarovski and Zeiss. For someone in another budget class this is great news. I jumped up from Nikon Monarch 5s, which I liked very much, wanted a bump up in performance without breaking the bank. I instantly liked the robustness, the ease of acquiring a sight picture and the quality of that sight picture with regards to overall sharpness, contrast, color and depth. This is also a company that is easy to interact with and very receptive to comments, questions, etc. My friends were also impressed with the commitment to service and response times. This overall level of quality, performance and service is widely recognized in all the review venues. Bottom line, they come so close to the higher priced/higher end products in almost all aspects that for me, in many cases the differences become harder to measure, much less notice. Nice job
      4. 100%

        by PreyDeception

        I am so thankful that my son introduced me to this company. At a time in our society that the almighty dollar rules and degrades the value, quality of products and services from other companies; it is refreshing to find the quality of products and services at Tract Optics to be exemplary! They even worked with me and my limited budget; allowing me to purchase their 10x42 binoculars at the sale price while making two monthly payments.
        These binoculars are very sharp and clear through out the edges and are very good in low light. These should give no headaches or eye strain when spotting for hours on end. If you are in the market for a new pair of high quality binoculars and exemplary service; look no further; you will not find any better at this price point. How do I know? My son has compared many different brands of various qualities and price points (in hand and in many varied situations); low light, different back grounds and light level variations. Lifetime guarantee is a major plus for these rubber armored gems. I have had Remington's, Leupold's and cheaper brands, but these are by far the best binoculars I have ever owned....period!
      5. 100%

        by PreyDeception

        There are no better binoculars in their class - meaning their quality vs. cost expenditure. My son put me onto to this company and brand with high remarks and after dealing with them myself; well, I am so grateful and impressed with many things. First is the service; website questions were answered within moments and they worked with me on my limited income (allowing me to buy at the sale price with two monthly payments) Very nice; polite and professional.
        The 10x42 rubber armored binoculars are so clear I anticipate no headaches on long spotting sessions. I have viewed with them in low light and cannot be happier; If you are looking for a new pair of binoculars; look no further as these binoculars and this company are at the top of the spectrum. It is refreshing in a day and age, when the almighty dollar rules and degrades good behaviors that there is a company with service and products that rise above what has become all too common (poor service and lack of quality products). Thank you Jon & Jon for putting your best feet forward with great products at great prices with exceptional service.
      6. 100%

        by Lou F

        I’ve used just about every tier of binoculars in my life while hunting. This includes Nikon, Leopold, up to Swarovski, Zeiss, Leica, you name it. I won’t say that the Tract 10 X 42’s are necessarily “better” than anything on the market, but I WILL say that you won’t find a better value, and the differences that I can see between the Tract’s and the $1500-$3000 plus range bino’s are something that you have to actively look for, and not easy to find. To me, that is enough said. I’m sold on my Tracts and excited to get a pair of 12.5 X 50’s for long range scouting and glassing. Every feature of the Tract’s are virtually perfect.
        In addition, I bought the harness, pen, case, and cleaning cloth in a pouch, and they, too, are all designed well and fit and function is flawless.
      7. 100%

        by Jason S

        I had been researching/trying out binoculars for 3 months when I finally decided on a pair of 10x42 Zeiss Conquest HD. I also ordered the Toric 10x42 December 5th 2019 to compare them against the Zeiss. I have to say I was extremely surprised to find that I could find zero difference between the Zeiss and Toric glass. Both crisp, bright and performed excellent in low light. Over Christmas all three of my brothers came in town and I asked each of them their opinion between the two. All came to the same conclusion that they both looked identical. The differences were in the way they felt in the hands and how fast the focus knob would bring an image into focus, Zeiss being faster. Overall the Torics construction felt "tougher" and the locking diopter is nice feature to have. The biggest difference between these two bino's is the price. Very surprised to receive a product that cost $300 less, but still be just as good. Really looking forward to rigging up my 7mm WSM with one of Tract's scopes.
      8. 100%

        by Mike C.

        Bought this unit on 12/01/2019. Have been using it almost everyday along the Southern California coast. This binocular is well built and very easy to handle. Optically bright, contrasty and very easy view with no blackouts. Sharp almost to the field edge with neutral color. A little glare in extreme conditions. CA control is good. Focuser is on the stiff side for me but with no play in either direction. It compares quite well to my Nikon EDG 10x42 and Swarovski EL 8.5x42 SV FP. With price tag of 1/3-1/4 to an Alpha, I highly recommend Tract Toric 10x42 Schott HT.
      9. 100%

        by Elliott

        After countless hours of annoying my wife with optics research, I bought these 10x42s for an archery elk hunt in Idaho. I was floored with the image these binos produced, especially at low light. Also the level of detail these maintain at long range is admirable. I found myself throwing these on the tripod and leaving my heavy spotter behind.... there was just no need. My partners kept taking my glasses and leaving me with their "fancy" binoculars and I was always wishing for my Tracts back. Moral of the story is I had way more sightings than the others, I could see horns and distinguish size earlier in the day, and I am convinced they helped me bag my first bull on public land. I couldn't be happier. Now to outfit the new 6.5.....sorry honey ;)
      10. 100%

        by Steve

        I have needed new binos for over a year. So I’ve been looking and reading reviews of all brands. I decided to try the tract toric 10x42, for a couple of reasons. First were the reviews on forums, the most common comment was “the glass is as close to alpha glass as you can get”. Second was consistent talk of the ergonomics and quality construction.
        Both of these reasons were upheld in all respects when I received and used my toric 10x42’s. The view is amazing, it’s clear, crisp, almost no edge distortion to my eyes, color is vivid and low light viewing is great, I could see into darker shadowed areas with no issue. Even at dark I could still easily see and distinguish trees, grass , animals at distance. To say I am pleased is an understatement, I am thrilled.
        For an in field reference, my brother has 10x42 swaro el binos,(I have some swaro scopes but no binos) we sat together while hunting just so we could compare binos. We swapped binos back at forth for 4hrs as the light changed. His were “slightly crisper/finer in all light conditions but the toric 10x42’s were very, very close. Color transmission, clarity, were the same to both of us. The next day we swapped binos for the day and on day three we swapped back. We both agreed, the differences, while present, were not enough to claim one superior all the way around the other. I had decided if I didn’t like the toric 10x42 compared to his swaro’s, would return them and purchase the swaro’s. I will be keeping the tract toric 10x42’s.
        Thank you for a great product at a great price.
      11. 100%

        by GARY FOOTE

        Every now and then you buy something that really stands out. My latest addition to that list is the Tract Toric 10x42 Schott HT binocular. I was in the market for a new pair, and the glowing reviews and warranty led me to try them sight unseen. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I have a Pentax DCF WP which is very very good, and the brightness and clarity of the Tract is noticeably better. The build quality is excellent,and they feel substantial in the hand. Not sure how they can charge so low for these, but I'm very glad they do! I can afford to buy a pair of so-called Alpha's for up to four or five times what these cost, but with this kind of quality and price point, I no longer feel the need to move in that direction. I would urge anyone in the market for an exceptional binocular to take a hard look at these, you won't regret it.
      12. 100%

        by HD

        I just completed my 4th mule deer hunt using my new Toric 10X42 binoculars. On my previous 3 hunts I was using a pair of quality binoculars from the early 1980's but they were no comparison to the clarity and sharpness of the Toric, which gave me the ability to spot deer more than a thousand yards away. I bought the Toric binoculars because as I was getting older and my visual acuity was not the same with my old pair of binoculars. The Toric was a game changer for me. I checked out other brands of binoculars costing hundreds of dollars more but I found that the Toric still gave me the brightest and sharpest image.
      13. 100%

        by Jeff Samuels

        My hunting partner turned me onto Tract Optics. After some research I recently purchased the Toric 10x42 Schott HT Binocular and was impressed with Tract's great product and super customer service. What a surprise to call the company and who should answer but one of the co-founders, Jon Allen. Jon answered my questions and assisted me with with express shipping so the bino's would arrive before my upcoming hunt. Jon even called me back to advise he saw my order come in and took care of ensuring shipment. Impressive customer service! The Toric 10x42 binocular is terrific, so clear and crisp even in low light situations. Just what I was hoping for. My expectations were clearly met. Thanks so much!!
      14. 100%

        by Eli

        I’m an outfitter and a western hunter who covers a lot of country with glass so I demand a lot from my optics system. Have used these Toric 10x42s in the field for about a month and am very happy with the clarity and field of view. Sat behind them for many hours with very little eye fatigue. Low light performance is excellent. The quality far exceeds the price point and I have used the high dollar stuff made in Europe. Customer service is above and beyond, quality is amazing. Buy with confidence. This is a great investment in very high quality glass.
      15. by Coke W. Wallace

        I was exposed to the Toric 10x42 binoculars in September of 2015 with Sarah Weaver of Montana Decoy on a 10 day sheep hunt in the Central Alaska Range. The quality and the crispness of the picture parallels that of European optics at 2 or 3 times the cost. Mrs. Weaver’s 17 day odyssey included foul winter weather, wet and snow and fog which tested the optics to the nth degrees. I was so impressed with these new offerings that I intend to purchase a pair for myself as well as a few of my guides.
      16. 100%

        by Bob Mavin

        MAN!!! I love these 10x42 binoculars, the clarity & low light performance has to be seen to believe. These binoculars are as good or better than my mates Euro’s that cost twice as much. Well done, Jon’s
      17. 100%

        by steve miller

        Having not been able to afford high dollar European optics in the past I purchased the Toric 10x42’s and couldn’t be more pleased with their performance. A friend has some European binos that cost in the thousands and he likes mine better! Also I have purchased a rifle scope from Tract since and am very impressed with the accuracy of the turret adjustments and the clarity of the glass. With Tract’s buy direct, no middle man, makes owning world class optics affordable, thank you Jon and Jon!
      18. 100%

        by Kevin Freemire

        I was in the market for a new set of binoculars for a hunt I was going on and stumbled across Tract Optics. After scouring the Internet for information on this glass and not finding any negative reviews I decided to purchase a pair of the Toric 10x42’s. I am beyond impressed with these binoculars. Simply the best glass I have ever looked through. Will be making a riflescope purchase soon.
      19. 100%

        by Mark Schnittker

        My optics are one of the most important and heavily used items I carry into the field. For big game hunts, I want my 10x binoculars to be sharp, bright, have a wide field of view and reasonable depth of focus. I own optics from most of the major brands. These Tracts give me the performance I need and so they are the ones that make it into my harness pouch. Its a quality pair optics that I can count on.
      20. 100%

        by Neil Herr

        After using my my Toric binoculars for the last year. I can say they are the finest binoculars I have ever had. Next time I’m in the market for a rifle scope it will be a Tract.
      21. 100%

        by Ben McLennan

        Tract really makes high quality affordable glass. I just used the Toric 10x42 on my deer hunt and they were a pleasure to look through all day. I have a less expensive 15x from another brand but couldn’t keep my eyes on it like I could the Toric. I had originally purchased the Toric 8x and love those as well but wanted a little more power. Put the 10x on a tripod and was amazed at the clarity and ability to glass for hours. If you’re on the fence about spending a little more with a company you may not know a lot about I highly recommend taking the plunge. Solid construction, high quality for an affordable price. These are right up there with the high end brands and you can still chat with an owner online to ease any concerns about spending your hard-earned money. Amazing service and products that I’m proud to own without breaking the bank.
      22. 80%

        by Randy Bailey

        I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy using my new Toric 10x42 Schott HT binoculars. They give me a very clear view. I have been watching deer at 350 yds and can see them better than with any other binoculars I have ever used. I also like the way they work in low light conditions. My only negative comment is that binoculars that cost that much should come with a case.
      23. 100%

        by Adolfo Cerezo

        Received my binoculars right around sunset from UPS. I took them outside and was incredibly impressed with the quality of the glass. My father in law owns some Swarovski’s which are far from my budget but I can honestly say for the price of these they can’t be beat. Amazing quality and clarity. Next purchase will be a riflescope
      24. 100%

        by Mark Masek

        I would like to start off by thanking the Tract Crew for being so accessible during the search for an amazing binocular. I have looked at a bunch of binos over the course of the past couple years. After narrowing my choices down to Vortex, Nikon and Mavin, I rolled the dice, no risk, and got a pair of Toric’s to compare. Needless to say, there was really nothing to compare to. The Tract Toric 10x42 blew me away. I even took them into the local Cabelas to compare them to others. They gave me a cart with 6 different binos and let me take them outside to test. The Toric was the sharpest, brightest, and clearest of them all. I had the store workers attention and the Toric was the topic of conversation as I let them compare as well. They were wowed. Thank you Jon for helping me out, and instead of pushing your product on me, you let me sell myself! For the money, there is not a better bino out there!
      25. by Samir Kharbas

        I bought the Schott HT version and at first, I wasn’t sure if I liked them or not. I went from a cheap $60 pair of 8X42 Celestron binos to the Toric 10X42 Schott HT binos and I could certainly see an obvious difference (duh), but I wasn’t sure I was getting the best glass because I didn’t have a good pair of similar or equal quality to compare them to. Enter the Vortex Razor HD 10X42 binos ($999.00). I compared these binoculars side by side on a tripod as the sun set over the Missouri River, and to be honest, I couldn’t see a noticeable difference between the two. Near or far, both provided good clarity and sharp focus. The Razors seemed brighter at times, but as I looked through the Torics, they were essentially just as bright. It wasn’t a noticeable difference and could have been due to other factors like ambient light when switching between the two. The deal breaker for me was what I suspect to be the Schott HT glass. I learned that this glass is better at getting rid of the heat distortion or the “waves” you might see as you look across the landscape. It was quite visible in the Razors (not distracting, but definitely there), but not so much in the Torics. It was definitely better in the Tract binos. That difference in image quality and the price are what helped me make my choice. Aside from that, I would say both are very similar and are great binos. You can’t go wrong with either one, but If you can get everything the Razor HDs offer (and maybe a bit more) for less money, WITH warranty and all, why not? Vortex is great, but I think Tract takes the win. Side note: the Razors had great eyecups. I kind of liked that they were thinner, but really, that didn’t matter too much. Both sets of bino eyecups are great, comfortable, and functional designs. What could make The Toric’s better? Camo pattern maybe? It’d be nice, but not necessary. How do they say it? Nail, head. SMASH! Now I need to upgrade the rifle scope.
      26. 100%

        by David Kinscherff

        Received my 10x42 Torics in fine shape today. The wife and I spent all afternoon glassing with these and a pair of Swarovski binocs we already had.
        For the same money, we wish we had 3 pair of the Torics.
      27. 100%

        by Brandt Myers

        After countless hours of going in stores & researching online I came across Tract Optics. I first opened a chat with Jon about the Warranty. I was very surprised about his great response time & egerness to answer questions. I decided to order the Toric 10x42 binos & man am I glad I did! I had them for 2 days before I went off into the backcountry with them. I spent 5 days sitting behind glass with them on a tripod & was blown away by their quality. Not only in glass but with feel, form, & eye relief. I prefer them over my hunting partners Razor 10x42 as well as my own Swaro SLC 8x30. In fact I have since retired the Swaros to my truck binos. I have since asked Jon questions on cleaning; as like any excited idiot bellying through the sage brush while leaving his bino harness open to get a shot on a sneaky coyote, I filled my eyecups with dirt. Once again he was very quick to respond & very helpful! After cleaning I am happy to report no scratched glass or scuffs anywhere! I would highly recommend this company & the Toric binos to anyone! You won’t be disappointed.
      28. 100%

        by Alan Wellman

        I had been looking for a pair of binoculars for some time, looking at all the different ones at the local sporting goods stores.
        I happened upon an article in outdoor life magazine which compared 10 different brands of optics from all price range.
        I look up tracked optics online and decided to contact them and I sent an email on a Sunday and got a response within a half an hour, that’s what I call customer service! He assured me of the lifetime warranty and when you’re comparing apples to apples he told me these were comparable to the high dollar optics made overseas , cutting out the middleman makes this product more affordable to the average guy like myself ,absolutely the best pair of optics I’ve ever owned, crystal clear even in extreme low light, I have even compared them with a Friends vortex razor brand that are $1100 -$1200 ,these are more crisp and more clear and half the price .My friend Ross said ,I have got to get on line to get a pair of these,they are crazy clear!!
        Excellent product, I give these guys the highest recommendations ! customer service is top notch!
        Unbeatable warranty , great packaging
        No hype , no bs ,just-superior products, I can’t wait to get my first Toric rifle scope from tract
        The bottom line is do yourself a favor !!save yourself some money !!and buy the best product out there and get the best value for your $$$
      29. 100%

        by Todd Chase

        These binoculars (toric 10x42) are the deal of the century,,unbelieveable resolution,crazy low light images,,my wife was upset I was purchasing these binoculars,until they arrived at my house .she gazed through them with her mouth wide open and muttered ” those are incredible ” give these a look you will be amazed,, tract ,,,thank you ,,Todd Chase
      30. 100%

        by William Ramsden

        I bought this binocular about a year ago. I own other binoculars, more expensive and less expensive. This has become my go-to binocular. Bright, clear, the right weight, and feel.
      31. 100%

        by Reed Wallace

        Bought these this summer as an upgrade to my Leupolds. Was going to buy a pair of Zeiss at the urging of a good friend, but after reading all the good reviews(although limited) on these. While surfing the internet I chatted with Jon at 830 pm on a Thursday. This really impressed me that one of the owners was putting this much time in and connecting to customers. He convinced me to give them a try and answered all of my questions, and boy am I glad that he did. Right away I couldn’t believe the clarity, focus, feel, comfort, and overall performance of the binos. Took them to my friends house and glassed deer at about 200 yards from 30 mins before until dark, and compared them to his $3000 pairs of swarovskis and zeiss 10x42 binos. There was a slight edge to his, but it was not a $2000 plus edge. In fact he was so impressed he ordered a pair of Toric binos and a scope for his sons rifle. If you are worried about Tract being a new company, don’t. Do yourself a favor and try a pair of these. You will not be disappointed, and will have plenty of money left over for other things. Also, you can’t beat trust assurance. These guys really stand behind their products. I can’t wait for deer season. Next, on my list is a Toric scope or two.
      32. 100%

        by Dan Helle

        Just returned from western Mongolia, where I took my new Tract Toric bins for ibex hunting in the Altai mountains and the Gobi. We also hunted Mongolian gazelle in the Gobi, where the mirage was so strong the gazelle could fade into mirage at a distance. After glassing for hours a day, 6 days total, all I can say is wow! These binoculars are amazing. Others have done better, more comprehensive reviews and comparisons than I can, but in the field these really perform. Crystal clear, edge to edge, and no color distortion. Most importantly, even with hours of use, absolutely no eye strain on my old eyes. That is so critical when you are making a transition from glassing with your binos to shooting. You don’t have time for your eyes to readjust - you need to acquire the target, aim and shoot. In our group, there was hd glass from two other big name makers, but everyone wanted to borrow my Torics to get a better view. Thank you for a great product and a great value!
      33. 100%

        by Travis Young

        Review I posted on
        “I’ve had the Toric 10x42 for about 2 weeks now. Let me just say, I have ZERO plans to ever get another 10x42. My prior 10x42s were Zen ED and EDIII which, I really liked, but the Toric are in a completely different class, which is what I expected.

        Here are a few quick thoughts and comments. Not a technical review but some practical information.

        There are 3 aspects that really stand out to me other than the great optical performance (which is most important to me over anything else).

        1) They feel very good in my hands, the weight, balance, and shape feel perfect to me. The textured grip is amazing.

        2) The eye cups. I think my eye sockets feel better with them pushed on my face than without. Really, they are that comfortable, yet appear and feel very durable.

        3) Stable view. For what ever reason (I assume some of what I mentioned above) the stability I get while birding with the Toric 10x feels like I am using an 8x. For example I birded in fairly dense close quarters a couple days ago. Many of the birds were migrating warblers. Typically in this situation I would use an 8x or ideally a 7x to be easier on the eyes, minimize shake, and wider FOV. I didn’t notice anymore shake with the Torics than I do with my Sightron Blue sky II 8x32. Nor did I feel any eye strain or eye fatigue after 1.5 hours of pretty vigorous birding. Though I didn’t have the Toric and Sightron side by side, the shake and eye strain with my previous 10x binoculars were immediately noticeable birding in a situation like this one.

        To sum it up… I love em!”
      34. 100%

        by Andrew Bauer

        I have owned these for almost one year now and they are used primarily for Archery 3-D shooting. That is my own fault as that is just what I do! I had a high-end pair that was stolen and beIng extremely important, I needed to replace them. Through Outdoor Shows and running into deals, I have gone through many of the popular brands. I can honestly say that these Toric Binos are here to stay. I was headed for a replacement for my high-end Binos and was ready to spend the big bucks. I ran into Tract Optic’s Toric Binoculars and figured I would give them a try. From the wonderful glass to the sturdy construction, they immediately lead me to use them out in the field. Well, the rest is history! I consider my glass (Binos) an important & primary piece of equipment. These Toric’s saved me a lot, I mean a lot, of money and surpassed my expectations! I would not trade these for anything! If these are lost, which hopefully will not happen, I won’t need to head to the big money pair as I will replace them immediately with the same brand! Do yourself a favor and give these a shot. You won’t regret it! Oh yeah! The customer service is second to none as I had a few questions going into these and am a picky person by nature! No matter what you shoot, enjoy it to the fullest with the help of this relatively new company, Tract Optics!
      35. 100%

        by Keith Poole

        I have looked for a good pair of binoculars for a long time that I did not need to spend thousands of dollars on and I came across these tract binoculars. I did some research and compared them to all the high priced binoculars and tract either beat them or was equal to them. So I contacted John to talk about them and he couldn’t be any nicer. He convinced me to buy a set and man I couldn’t be any happier. These binoculars are unbelievable. The glass is second to none in low light or middle of the day. Don’t waste your time and money looking any more these are the binoculars for you. I can’t wait to try out their scopes.
      36. 100%

        by Peter S

        Here is a quick review of the Toric 10x42:
        *The mechanics and build quality are very good: stiff hinge, fluid focuser, eyecups with positive stops, nice tactile armor, and clean tubes (I could see only a few minuscule specks of dust). The bins feel very well in the hands.
        *Robust eye placement: no blackouts, even when the IPD is wrongly set.
        *The FoV=6.5deg is competitive, and the image is bright.
        *Apparent DoF= quite good for a 10x.
        *Glare control: excellent (at the level of the Nikon EDG); there are some reflections in the eyepieces from side light but those are easy to tackle.
        *CA control is very good on axis; while CA becomes visible off axis, it is not a serious problem in normal use.
        *(Minor) The padded part of the neck strap is rather long so the bins hang pretty low (they can be forced to hang higher by getting a beer belly…).
        *Pincushion distortion is well controlled and appears to be minimal.
        *Field curvature is perhaps 2-3D. For those with good young eyes the image should remain sharp for a large part of the FoV, but this may not be the case for those with older/astigmatic eyes.
        Possible competitors: Leica Trinovid HD, Nikon Monarch HG, Vortex Razor, Swarovski SLC and Zeiss Conquest HD (all of them much more expensive than the Toric). I had them all and, when one considers the whole package, I prefer the Toric: when you factor the price into the equation, choosing the Toric should be a no-brainer.
      37. 100%

        by Josh Richesin

        I just purchased the TRACT TORIC 10x42’s. I am going to say without a doubt that these are the best optics I have ever owned. I was worried about the company being new, but after talking with Jon at Tract, I agreed that they are really on to something here. So I took my new TORIC’s down to Sportsmans and looked side by side with sworvosikis. I am a firm believer in the company, the optics and I will spend my money with these guys any day.

        The packaging was awesome! No way they were getting damaged in shipment. They are sturdy, not worried about them being busted from bouncing around. I was also worried about 10x42 as I seem to be a little shaky. I am very glad that I ended up going with the 10x42 as they work perfect for me here in Oregon!

        I am all about supporting local, so I understand the people that want to shop at the local sporting goods store. However, I also believe in saving money, having the right tool for the job, and supporting a company that truly cares about their brand and their customers. Cutting out all the middle men in the optic equation fit for me, and I am going to do it again when they offer spotting scopes.

        Hope this helps people make the decision.

      38. 100%

        by victor martin

        I bought a 10x42 set a month ago after doing chart comparisons with the other top brands. My last set was a sworovski and these are as clear as that set of bino’s except I liked the eye relief better on these. I have more than paid for the bino’s in new elk sheds by spotting them in sage (a real nightmare for shed hunters) which takes sharp clarity. I can’t say enough how happy I am with this new set of binoculars.
      39. 100%

        by Eric Gryba

        A great all around optic! They are well made and the glass is unbelievably clear. As far as I’m concerned, they are very under priced!
      40. 100%

        by Ricky Tweedie

        I approched TRACT at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg PA. From the first time I picked up the TORIC 10X42 I knew I had to have the kind of quality in my binoculars. I am a year round competative 3D archer as well as an avid hunter. In competion 3D it pays big dividends to know where the 11 ring is so you can get your aiming point. At my first 3D league with the TORIC I could see the complete 10 ring AND 11 ring on a 40 yard black bear. That kind of quality wasn’t there with my 10X42 Leopold. Superior quality and design. TRACT Optics is definately on the right track.