TORIC UHD 3-15X50 T-Plex Rifle Scope

The TORIC UHD 3-15x50 Rifle Scope utilizes TRACT’s Ultra High Definition optical system with industry leading SCHOTT HT (high transmission) glass, ED (Extra Low Dispersion) lens and a Fully Multi-Coated lens system that provides incredibly sharp, bright images with superior light transmission values. “The TORIC had one of the highest combined low-light and resolution scores in our test” Outdoor Life, Optics Gear Test - June/July 2016. TORIC Rifle Scopes are built in Japan with precision components to the highest tolerances by one of the leading optical manufacturers in the world.

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Glass-etched T-Plex Reticle

The Glass Etched T-Plex reticle takes the typical plex-type reticle design to a new level. By eliminating the thick top vertical post, this opens up the reticle to provide a cleaner, less obstructed view of the target. The thickness in the horizontal and bottom vertical posts still allows for fast target acquisition. The point of the bottom thick post is strategically placed to provide bullet drop compensation for various distances based on the cartridge you are shooting. Simply use the IMPACT Ballistic Program to determine your maximum point blank range, bottom post distance and other crucial aspects that will make you a more accurate shooter.

TORIC Riflescope Overview


The TORIC is the riflescope for the long-range hunter and shooter. It features TRACT’s Ultra High Definition (UHD) optical system as well as Schott HT (high transmission) glass to provide sharp, bright images with superior light transmission values that allow you to use the scope in any situation.

Product Overview


This 5x zoom 3-15x50 TORIC UHD Rifle Scope is engineered for the long range hunter and shooter who needs that extra light gathering ability at higher power. It features TRACT’s advanced Ultra High Definition optical system comprising of Fully Multi-Coated SCHOTT HT (high transmission) glass, ED (Extra Low Dispersion) lens providing sharp, bright images with superior light transmission of any rifle scope in this class.

Take advantage of the quick focus eyepiece, 4 inches of constant eye relief and the Glass Etched BDC reticle providing unsurpassed performance in low-light conditions at longer distances.

Includes High Profile MOA turret kit with Zero Stop and Locking function. Customize your TORIC rifle scope with a selection of accuracy enhancing accessories such as the Low Profile Custom Turret or High Profile Custom Turret.

TORIC UHD 3-15X50 T-Plex Rifle Scope


Ultra High Definition Technology

TRACT's Fully Multi-Coated, Ultra High Definition optical system, utilizes an extra low dispersion (ED) lens to eliminate color fringing as well as highly prized Schott HT (High Transmission) glass to provide superior light transmission and bright, clear images even in low light hunting conditions.

Main Body Tube

The one-inch, one-piece tube is O-ring sealed and purged with Argon gas, making it completely waterproof and fogproof.

Magnification Ring

The super-smooth magnification ring, with rear facing numbers easily allows you to zoom from low to high power.

BDC Reticle

The versatile Glass Etched BDC reticle provides 10 mph Windage correction as well as bullet drop compensation without obscuring the target even at extreme long range. The Pointed Post Bracketing system allows you to place the reticle precisely especially when you need to hold slightly higher or lower on the target. Match your exact cartridge or handload to the Impact BDC reticle by simply entering your ballistic info into the BDC Ballistic program.

Locking Side Focus Parallax Adjustment

Locking Side Focus adjustment dials out parallax from 15 yards to Infinity increasing accuracy. Pull-out to turn & push-in to lock.

Windage and Elevation Adjustment Knobs

Hand Turn windage and elevation adjustments with precise, repeatable and audible 1/4" clicks at 100 yards are easily reset to zero without any tools, making sighting in or field adjustments quick and easy. Includes High Profile MOA turret kit with Zero Stop and Locking function. Customize your riflescope with a selection of accuracy enhancing accessories such as the Low Profile Custom Turret or High Profile Custom Turret.

Quick Focus Eyepiece

Easily and quickly allows you to focus the sharpness of the reticle

High Profile Turret Kit with Zero Stop and Lock Included

Includes High Profile MOA turret kit with Zero Stop and Locking function

Turret Reset to Zero

Easily reset the windage or elevation turret to zero without the use of any tools. Simply loosen the threaded top cap, lift the turret up and line up the zero with the vertical indicator mark on the turret housing. Thread the top cap on and your are all set!

Waterproof and Fogproof with Argon Gas

Fully waterproof and Fogproof using O-Ring seals and purged with Argon gas which has a higher resistance to temperature changes versus the Nitrogen used in many other competitor's products.

Matching Graphite colored rings (Not Included)

Don't forget to add Matching Graphite rings to your TORIC scope order. Manufactured by WARNE, these solid steel rings are the perfect compliment to your TORIC riflescope. Fits Weaver bases or Picatinny rails. NOT INCLUDED

TRACT Trust Assurance Warranty

The TRACT Trust Assurance guarantees the functionality of the product for the duration of its lifetime regardless of whether you’re the original owner.

Product Specs

TORIC UHD 3-15X50 T-Plex Rifle Scope
Objective Lens Diameter
Eye Relief (inches)
3.9 / 3.8
Exit Pupil
10 / 3.3
Field of View (Low Power/High Power in feet @ 100 yards)
34.3 / 6.8
Relative Brightness
Twilight Factor
Diopter Range
Weight (ounces)
Internal Adjustment Range (MOA)
Click Value (MOA)
1 inch (one piece)
Reticle Type
Glass Etched with Windage Correction
Fully Multi-coated
Recoil Shock Endurance
Operating Temperature Range
158°F to -1.4°F
Internal Charge
Argon Gas
Parallax Setting
15 yards to Infinity
Reticle Focal Plane
Eyepiece Outside Diameter
1.73 inches
Objective Outside Diameter
2.28 inches
Objective Diameter (millimeters)
Mount Space
5.21 inches
Waterproof Depth (meters)
Length (inches / millimeters)
13.86 / 352
Butler Creek Flip Up Cover Objective Size
43 (not included)
Butler Creek Flip Up Cover Eyepiece Size
19 (not included)
Country of Origin

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  1. 100%

    by Doug Gradick

    Purchased for my wife’s new rifle (Tikka Superlite 270 cal), both were a suprise and she had no ideal of either, there was some confusion on the shipping date that had me concerned, the personal level of service and follow up by Jon was amazing, problem solved and scope delivered on time,First Class! service!
    On to the scope, just like the service and the Hype in the reviews I read the Scope is indeed everything promised, sighted in 1.2” high at 115 yards, grouped 4 shots in 1/2” repeatedly.
    First morning out, 7:15 am, sunrise at 7:33 am, 175 yards out wife spots what she says is a 10 point White Tail just inside the tree line, Im Gassing for her with a nice Leica 8x42 HD and no way can I count the points can just make out its a Buck, she insist she can see it just fine and is going to take the shot!
    The rest is history, she dropped the 10 point, beautiful Deer, later that evening she was able to obsereve Hogs at the feeder well past sunset when I could barly make out their silhouettes.
    Great Scope, Great service, Awesome Price-Highly recommend!
  2. 100%

    by Steve Bryski

    I’m a hunter who wanted something that would take the rigors of hunting season after season. I’ve heard a few stories where someone takes a tumble and their rifle goes down with them. I have Leopold scopes on most of my rifles but, after reading the review in Outdoor Life, I was intrigued by the Toric. I started shopping around my local stores, but I couldn’t find anything I loved. So, I started to take a closer look at Tract and I decided to take a chance. I was honestly nervous about buying a scope that I’ve never seen with my own eyes. That said, Jon couldn’t have done a better job at answering my questions and putting my fears to rest. My first impressions taking it out of the box made me smile. The Toric is well built, with tight tolerances and clean aesthetics. I took a light and shined it down the objective lens; I couldn’t see any dust or debris in the scope tube. At first the parallax knob was really tight and hard to unlock. I watched the video online to see if I was doing something wrong…nope, just tight. Once I pulled out the knob a little harder, it broke the seal. Now it pushes in and pulls out like a dream. The parallax also turns with the right amount of tension to focus. The magnification ring was a little tight at first too, but is really smooth throughout the 3-15x range. The elevation and windage adjustment knobs are also tight with an audible, but not loud click. It’s just a well built hunting scope. But the best part of the scope is the glass. It’s bright and clear all the way to the edge. In my opinion at the range it’s comparable to more expensive scopes I looked at in the store, with the benefit of the in-store light. It’s been great in low light too. My friend bought a popular name brand scope that cost $400 more, and I wouldn’t take it for the same price I paid for my Toric. Overall I’m thoroughly impressed by the quality, the glass and the customer service. Oh, maybe that’s the best part, the customer service. The responsiveness of JL and Tract Crew is amazing. They really go above and beyond great customer service. If you’re looking at getting a great hunting scope for a great price, I have no reservations in recommending this scope to my friends, family and to you. I feel like I got exactly what I was looking for with the Tract Toric.
  3. 100%

    by James Poythress

    Tract scopes prove that the routinely quoted cliché supporting the need to spend 2+ times the cost of your rifle, especially if you want to hunt with a quality riflescope, as pure unadulterated fiction. My most interesting Tract purchase is the Toric 3-15x50 T-Plex scope. During a typical three-round target contest before a hunt, the scope proved Tract’s claim that they produce and sell high-end scopes at prices well below their competition. With that scope’s unencumbered aim-point presentation, I placed two of the three rounds of Federal .224 60-grain Valkyrie, near the center of an 8-inch gong at 400 yards on March 31, 2018. In essence, that event solidified Tract’s claim that their scopes offer clear and accurate aim-point target presentations equal to or better than most of the high priced scopes of similar design. To this very surprised old hunter (no pun, just old age) the experience felt like “love at first sight” (pun intended); immediately followed by a huge sigh of relief, and a happy dance from my wallet.
    Why Tract? Simple! You get a quality product, housing high-end glass that presents a bright clear and accurate target picture, and you get it at a price that is close to half of the price you would pay for a big name scope. Recommendation: Forget the “spend more cliché,” buy a Tract scope, hit the target and save money.
  4. 100%

    by Albert Platt

    I received my new Toric 3-15X50 T-Plex Riflescope last week and am very pleased. It’s optical clarity is comparable to my Swarovski, and far exceeds the Leopold it replaces on my 7mm Remington Mag 700. The simple and precise adjustments are solid and repeatable… even without using a boresighting device I was on zero after only a few test shots, and the 1/4MOA clicks were as stated. I especially like the solid locking parallax adjustment. The scope has solid lines and the matte finish blends well with the seasoned blueing on my 700.
    My custom turret is on the way and I look forward to using that feature as I plan for next year’s elk hunt.
    My friends at our hunting club range were impressed with the scope, and were frankly blown away when I shared with them the cost value!
    I am also very impressed with the Tract customer service. When I began having problems with the reticle on my older model Leupold, I researched my current options and was ready to pull the trigger on another Swarovski when I found reviews of the Tract Toric line. Jon immediately and personally replied to my inquiries and walked me through the custom purchase process, and before the week was out I was mounting my new scope.
    The reviewing experts are correct in their assessment that Tract provides a superior optics product at a wonderful value.