TORIC UHD 3-15X42 BDC Rifle Scope

The TORIC UHD 3-15x42 Rifle Scope utilizes TRACT’s Ultra High Definition optical system with industry leading SCHOTT HT (high transmission) glass, ED (Extra Low Dispersion) lens and a Fully Multi-Coated lens system that provides incredibly sharp, bright images with superior light transmission values. The TORIC rifle scopes are built in Japan with precision components to the highest tolerances by one of the leading optical manufacturers in the world.

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Glass-etched BDC Reticle

When you need a reticle with accurate Bullet Drop Compensation and windage correction, the Glass-etched BDC reticle is it. The strategically placed ½ MoA BDC dots and pointed post bracketing system provide bullet drop compensation with a definitive aiming point that does not obscure the target, even at long range. The horizontal pointed posts allow you to bracket the target, making it easier to hold slightly higher or lower on the target. The vertical hash marks on the center crosshair and windage correction dots provide an approximate hold for a 10 mile-per-hour crosswind. The reticle is set up for both standard (2,800 fps) and magnum cartridge (3,000 fps) trajectory in approximate 100 yard increments. Simply sight a standard cartridge to 100 yards and a magnum at 200 yards. Or, to customize the reticle to your exact load, calculate the exact distance each dot represents by entering your cartridge info into the IMPACT Ballistic Program.

TORIC Turret Overview


Every TORIC riflescope comes with a high-profile turret kit that allows you to lock the turret as well as provide a zero stop.

Product Overview


This ultra-versatile 5x zoom 3-15x42 TORIC UHD Rifle Scope is engineered for the hunter who demands the very best whether hunting in the harwoods or the long range bean fields. It features TRACT’s advanced Ultra High Definition optical system comprising of Fully Multi-Coated SCHOTT HT (high transmission) glass providing sharp, bright images with superior light transmission of any rifle scope in this class. The ED (Extra Low Dispersion) lens helps eliminate chromatic aberration and increases contrast especially at the higher powers.

Take advantage of the quick focus eyepiece, 4 inches of constant eye relief and the Glass Etched BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation) reticle with the Pointed Post Bracketing System and Windage Correction providing unsurpassed performance in low-light conditions at longer distances.

Includes High Profile MOA turret kit with Zero Stop and Locking function. Customize your TORIC rifle scope with a selection of accuracy enhancing accessories such as the Low Profile Custom Turret or High Profile Custom Turret.

TORIC UHD 3-15X42 BDC Rifle Scope


Ultra High Definition Technology

TRACT's Fully Multi-Coated, Ultra High Definition optical system, utilizes an extra low dispersion (ED) lens to eliminate color fringing as well as highly prized Schott HT (High Transmission) glass to provide superior light transmission and bright, clear images even in low light hunting conditions.

Main Body Tube

The one-inch, one-piece tube has been sealed with o-rings and purged with Argon gas, making it completely waterproof and fogproof.

Magnification Ring

The super-smooth magnification ring, with rear facing numbers easily allows you to zoom from low to high power.

BDC Reticle

The versatile Glass Etched BDC reticle provides 10 mph Windage correction as well as bullet drop compensation without obscuring the target even at extreme long range. The Pointed Post Bracketing system allows you to place the reticle precisely especially when you need to hold slightly higher or lower on the target. Match your exact cartridge or handload to the Impact BDC reticle by simply entering your ballistic info into the BDC Ballistic program.

Locking Side Focus Parallax Adjustment

Locking Side Focus adjustment dials out parallax from 15 yards to Infinity increasing accuracy. Pull-out to turn & push-in to lock.

Windage and Elevation Adjustment Knobs

Hand Turn windage and elevation adjustments with precise, repeatable and audible 1/4" clicks at 100 yards are easily reset to zero without any tools, making sighting in or field adjustments quick and easy. Includes High Profile MOA turret kit with Zero Stop and Locking function. Customize your riflescope with a selection of accuracy enhancing accessories such as the Low Profile Custom Turret or High Profile Custom Turret.

High Profile Turret Kit with Zero Stop and Lock Included

Includes High Profile MOA turret kit with Zero Stop and Locking function

Turret Reset to Zero

Easily reset the windage or elevation turret to zero without the use of any tools. Simply loosen the threaded top cap, lift the turret up and line up the zero with the vertical indicator mark on the turret housing. Thread the top cap on and your are all set!

Quick Focus Eyepiece

Easily and quickly allows you to focus the sharpness of the reticle

Waterproof and Fogproof with Argon Gas

Fully waterproof and Fogproof using O-Ring seals and purged with Argon gas which has a higher resistance to temperature changes versus the Nitrogen used in many other competitor's products.

Matching Graphite colored rings (Not Included)

Don't forget to add Matching Graphite rings to your TORIC scope order. Manufactured by WARNE, these solid steel rings are the perfect compliment to your TORIC riflescope. Fits Weaver bases or Picatinny rails. NOT INCLUDED

TRACT Trust Assurance Warranty

The TRACT Trust Assurance guarantees the functionality of the product for the duration of its lifetime regardless of whether you’re the original owner. No time limit applies and no paperwork is needed.

Product Specs

TORIC UHD 3-15X42 BDC Rifle Scope
Objective Lens Diameter
Eye Relief (inches)
3.9 / 3.85
Exit Pupil
Field of View (@1,000 yards)
341 feet
Field of View (Low Power/High Power in feet @ 100 yards)
34 / 6.9
Relative Brightness
Twilight Factor
Diopter Range
Weight (ounces)
Internal Adjustment Range (MOA)
Click Value (MOA)
1 inch (one piece)
Reticle Type
Glass Etched with Windage Correction
Fully Multi-coated
Recoil Shock Endurance
Operating Temperature Range
158°F to -1.4°F
Internal Charge
Argon Gas
Parallax Setting
15 yards to Infinity
Reticle Focal Plane
Eyepiece Outside Diameter
1.69 inches
Objective Outside Diameter
1.97 inches
Objective Diameter (millimeters)
Mount Space
5.73 inches
Waterproof Depth (meters)
Length (inches / millimeters)
13.84 / 351.6
Butler Creek Flip Up Cover Objective Size
30 (not included)
Butler Creek Flip Up Cover Eyepiece Size
19 (not included)
Country of Origin

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  1. 100%

    by ultrasound

    I have a Nightforce 5.5-22x56, Vortex Viper HST 4-16x44, and this Toric 3-15x42. I've had lots of others.
    The problems in optical design include chromatic aberration, contrast, and resolution among others. Contrast and resolution are not the same and this is an issue with many riflescopes. That is, one may resolve a very high contrast feature such as a power line in say the Nightforce, Vortex, and Toric at the same 15x but the contrast on the Vortex is so low that features of low contrast, such as pinon needles on a tree at 400 yards turn to a muddy looking mess. This is exacerbated by a lot of perceptible chromatic aberration. The Nightforce and Toric both show nice well resolved high contrast images with minimal chromatic aberration. There is a very slight edge to the Nightforce, maybe because the diffraction limit is better from the 56mm objective, but it's 3x the price of the Toric, and in situations where the image is mirage limited, there is no perceptible difference between them. As with most moderate to high end scopes, construction and controls are excellent, as with the Vortex. But the optical quality is the very most important feature of any well constructed scope to me. The Toric is very very good.
  2. 100%

    by Dover

    I've owned the Toric 3-15x42 BDC since 2017. I've dialed somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 shots anywhere from just a few MOA up to maxing out my vertical travel at 28.25 MOA (mounted flat with no built in MOA base) repeatedly and never adjusted zero once. The rifle this scope is mounted on shoots under 0.75 MOA on my bad days and 0.25 MOA on my good days with most hovering around 0.5 MOA. This scope really fits a gap in the market at 20 ounces and repeatable dialing capabilities with the option of a capped or exposed turret, and very good glass. The locking parallax is extremely innovative and makes quick shots in close quarters a non concern due to a twisted parallax knob from carrying the rifle. This was my first Tract scope and I now own 3 because they work, have nice glass, and match the features I am looking for with a riflescope.
  3. 100%

    by HD

    This past year I replaced my old scope with a Toric UHD 3-15X42 BDC on my western hunting rifle in .300 Win Mag. My guide took me to a pasture an hour before sunrise and parked his truck behind some hay bails. He told me that he has seen a very large buck with does in this field at first light but shortly after sunrise the buck and does leave the pasture and jump the fence on to another property. At the first peek of light my guide told me the buck was there and to get out of the truck quietly and lay down by the hay bails. As light started to increase the does and the buck starting getting nervous and headed for the fence line. They dropped down into a small draw and when they emerged they were right at the fence 240 yards away. Even though the morning light was still very dim, the view through my Toric scope was bright and crystal clear and I nailed the buck. In that light, I would have never been to make that shot with my old scope. Glad I bought the Toric.
  4. 100%

    by Chris Booker

    Best hunting scope on the market. Light, outstanding glass and built extremely well. I have a 3-15x42 and a 2-10x42 Toric UHD and both are phenomenal. I wouldn’t hesitate to use these in the roughest hunting conditions. You can bet i’ll have one on my rifle for that dream hunt coming up!
  5. 100%

    by Jack Enos

    I recently purchased the Tract 3-15x42 Impact BDC rifle scope. I have it mounted on a Weatherby Mark V Arroyo in 300 win mag. I can’t say enough about the quality of this scope. I have an expensive European scope with the same features I mounted on another Weatherby Mark V Weathermark. The Tract scope is by far a better overall scope. The BDC, the eye relief, the clarity of the glass, even in low light. Just amazing! I wish I new about the Tract scope before I bought the expensive Euro scope. You won’t be sorry with the Tract. I am very impressed to say the least.

    Londonderry, NH
  6. 100%

    by Richard Beland

    Just received my scope and couldn’t be more happy. After a great deal of research of more expensive European scopes I was fortunate to read an article about Tract and their products. After going through almost all the YouTube videos and listening to their business model I was sold. Excellent product, looks like a beaut sitting atop my new Sako 85.
  7. 100%

    by Kevin Reeder

    I recently purchased a new Volquartsen semi-auto in 17WSM. I was looking for a scope for the new rifle when I came across an article by Bryce M. Towsley in the NRA’s American Hunter magazine. His positive review of the Tract Toric scope line peaked my interest. After some time reviewing the GREAT Tract website, I contacted them via email with some questions. PROMPT answers came back from TWO different people at TRACT OPTICS!! WOW, great customer service…... A few days later, utilizing their online chat, I ran into one of the owners, Jon LaCorte. I asked if he had time to chat with me by phone, and he called me immediately! It’s so refreshing to get to talk with someone that knows so much about optics! He guided me through several options he recommended, and allowed me to pick based upon my preferences. Three days later, I received my new Tract Toric 3-15x42 with the Impact BDC reticle. A few days later, it was mounted on the Volquartsen. It looks INCREDIBLE! WOW what a great scope! Really quick and easy to get on zero (less than 10 shots). Since, I’ve shot multiple sub-minute groups with less than 50 rounds! If you’re looking for a quality scope with incredible value, buy this one! I’m not sure how much longer they’ll last! Great show TRACT OPTICS!
  8. 100%

    by Shawn Stanley

    I read an article about Tract Scopes in Outdoor Life that gave their scopes a very good review. Based on that article I decided to get the Toric 3-15x42 Impact BDC for my 6.5x284. To summarize the scope is fantastic. The brightness, clarity and low light performance is exceptional even at the max magnification of 15. I currently own two Zeiss HD5 scopes and this scope performs better. I like the scope so much I decided to get another one for my recently purchased 257 Weatherby.
  9. 100%

    by Kirk Palmer

    After running across the issue of Outdoor Life, I started to research Tract scopes and found the website with all the videos extremely helpful. I was still torn on whether to try one or go with another big name brand. After chatting with Jon, I felt very comfortable with the company and more than anything the customer service that I received. I purchased the Toric 3-15 X42 BDC and mounted it on a Browning X Bolt, 26 Nosler. I’m very happy with the looks, clarity, and the very accurate MOA’s. I had this rifle zeroed in at 200 yards with four shots! I will purchase more Tract optics in the future and will tell everyone that I know about the incredible quality and incredible value!
  10. 100%

    by Andrew Voelker

    I ordered the Toric 3-15X42 BDC after reading the June issue of Outdoor Life. I had been searching for months for the right scope. I put countless hours into research - never really satisfied with options vs. magnifications vs. weight vs. price vs. quality. However, after reading the Outdoor Life article, it took me about 30 min to go through Tract’s website (the videos are great) and decide this was my next scope. I mounted this scope on a Legendary Arms Works Professional in .308. On the range, the system consistently produced sub-MOA groups. The clarity and mechanical functionality are excellent. And the value is incredible, demonstrating the advantage of Tract’s “direct to consumer” model - there is no big retailer in the way. I’ll be looking to mount the same Toric on my Wilson Combat Recon .308. Outdoor Life loved this scope..and so will you.