Each year the editors of Outdoor Life magazine garner up the new product releases from virtually all of the optics companies and test them in an evaluation process designed to separate the men from the boys. With the launch of TRACT Optics late last year, it was time for us to throw our hat into the ring to see how we stacked up against the competition. We sent Outdoor Life our flagship riflescope, the TORIC 3-15X50. While we knew we built a superior product, the OL test is proof that TRACT riflescopes perform at a higher level then scopes costing hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars more.

How do we do it?

By cutting out the 30-40% markup that retailers add on to the product. Our direct-to-consumer business model provides a product that the competition cannot match at its price.

Why is this test so special?

The test is comprised of several evaluation criteria, starting with measuring the optical precision of the glass and coatings. The scopes are then mounted and shot to assess the capability of the reticle and the repeatability and precision of the windage and elevation adjustments.

One of the key parts of the test is the low light evaluation that is performed nightly. The scopes are mounted on tripods and after the sun goes down, the scopes are aimed at a black and white resolution wheel set up at 100 yards. The actual time is noted as to when the black and white stripes on the resolution wheel are no longer discernable. The scope that sees into the dark the longest receives the highest low light score.

How did the TORIC do in this category?

According to OL, “The TORIC had one of the highest combined low light and resolution scores in our test, thanks to its High Transmission SCHOTT Glass and first-rate coatings.”

Further testing is done to evaluate controls, reticle, mounting dimensions and eye relief and to provide a subjective consideration to the versatility and durability of the riflescope.

What did Outdoor Life have to say about the TORIC Riflescope:

“New Brand, Hot Riflescope.”

“Features Sharp Glass, positive controls.”

Check out the chart below and the TORIC score versus the likes of high-end, high-priced European optics companies such as Swarovski, Zeiss, Leica and U.S. companies like Nightforce and Leupold.