We cut out distributors and retailers to better serve you, the customer. Plus, as a Direct to Consumer (D2C) Company, you’re going to purchase our high-end optics at up to 40% less than comparable products of optical and mechanical quality from our competitors.

As the two founders of TRACT Optics, Jon Allen and myself, we have spent our entire careers in the optics industry. So it should go without saying that we know a thing or two about binoculars and riflescopes, and the business we are in. We helped bring a major optics company to the forefront of the hunting industry, and after moving on to other things, began putting together a new game plan focused on bringing a better product at a better value to the consumer.

“We believe this is the future of doing business in America.” Jon LaCorte

It became apparent to us that the consumer market had evolved in a new way. And why not? Everything we do today is online - we work online, get our news online, book trips online and of course shop online. And when life intervenes, we have less time.

Until now, the consumer has been dealing with a big-box stores and online retailers to purchase the majority of the optics sold in America. When you buy binoculars and riflescopes from us, you’re dealing directly with us and no one in the middle.

No Distributors or Retailers

This is virtually unheard of in the optics business. Our company does not want to be a slave to the retailers demands for margin and advertising support which in the end, causes most optics companies to compromise on quality to hit sometimes unrealistic price points. Most importantly, the large optics companies begin to lose sight of who the customer is. Truth be told, we’re hunters who simply want to provide other hunters with the best binoculars and riflescopes on the market. When we cut out the middleman, we erased those margin demands, which means we can sell our optics for up to 40% less what you’ll pay elsewhere. For instance, if we did make our TORIC high-end binocular available from a retailer, you would most likely pay $930 or higher… But instead, you pay $664.

“We’re driven to surpass all standards in quality, value and customer service.” Jon Allen

To us, customer satisfaction is just as important as developing quality hunting binoculars and riflescopes. That satisfaction stems from an easy interaction between TRACT and the customer and then delivering a product you won’t find elsewhere for the price. “Gary” down the street at a big box retailer is not going to be able to tell you about the optics you’re buying like we can. It’s just that simple. Plus, he can’t offer you a TRACT Trust Assurance, which guarantees a product's performance for the duration of its lifetime. In the unlikely event something does not perform in the manner in which it was designed and engineered, we will make it right.

Cutting out the distributor and retail margins in order to create a superior product that will cost you less is the basis for the grassroots environment we have created. Our business model is one built on trust and experience. TRACT is all about your experience. It’s Where You Belong.