The number of riflescopes to choose from these days is immense. We know. Walk into your local or a big box sporting goods store and you could spend hours perusing the optics section. What we’ve done is cut out that middleman to save you from having to take optics lessons from a guy who has likely just learned the art of shaving. Plus, who wants to pay ghastly retail prices when you can buy quality optics straight from the manufacturer?

We come into contact with a lot of riflescopes and binoculars having spent our entire careers in this business. And we can say forthrightly that the TURION 3-9x40 is the best riflescope under $500. The benefits of adding any TRACT optics to your hunting repertoire go a long way. Without the retail markup, you’re paying about 40 percent less than if you were to buy something of comparable quality, which would have Swarovski, Leica, Leupold or some other big name brand inscribed on it.

Without the retail markup of most other optics companies, you'll pay about 40 percent less for TRACT riflescopes.

Features of the TURION 3-9x40 Riflescope

The TURION 3-9x40 houses high-end SCHOTT HT (high transmission) glass and TRACT's revolutionary High Definition optical system for delivering maximum performance in virtually any hunting condition. With a 3x zoom, this riflescope also features fully multicoated lenses, 4 inches of constant eye relief and a Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) reticle with the Pointed Post Bracketing System and Windage Correction or a T-Plex reticle providing you a bright, clean, less obstructed view of the target in virtually any low-light situation. No matter which reticle option you choose, this TURION provides unsurpassed performance at long distances. The one-piece main body scope has been recoil tested to withstand 1000g's and will work for you whether you are hunting whitetails in the hardwoods, antelope on the prairies, elk in the Rockies or varmints in the Dakotas.  

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The Ease of Using a TURION Reticle

Just the other day at the range, we had a great experience with the TURION 3-9x40 riflescope. A close friend’s 22-year-old daughter wanted to sharpen her shooting skills for the upcoming deer season and decided to sit down behind a .270 we’d just mounted the scope upon. After a quick boresight, using a SightMark Accu-Dot Laser, we let her then zero the rifle on paper. Within three shots she was dead on at 100 yards, and not five shots later was consistently grouping bullets within a two-inch diameter at 300 yards!

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Impact BDC Reticle

Not that she isn’t a fine shot, but we can owe a lot to the Impact BDC reticle, which provides unsurpassed performance and precision. The simple yet extremely effective design offers quick and precise bullet drop compensation thanks to the 1 MOA wide hash marks on the bottom vertical crosshair. These hash marks allow for precision aiming at long range without blocking or covering the target. The reticle is set up for both standard (2,800 fps) and magnum cartridge (3,000 fps) trajectory in approximate 100 yard increments. Simply sight a standard cartridge in at 100 yards and a magnum at 200 yards. Or, to customize the reticle to your exact load, calculate the exact distance each hash mark represents by entering your cartridge info into the IMPACT Ballistic Program.

T-Plex Reticle

With the T-Plex reticle, we have eliminated the thick top vertical post to open up the reticle and provide a cleaner, less obstructed view of the target. The thickness in the horizontal and bottom vertical posts still allows for fast target acquisition. The point of the bottom thick post is strategically placed to provide bullet drop compensation for various distances based on the cartridge you are shooting.

Simply use the IMPACT ballistic program to determine your maximum point blank range, bottom post distance and other crucial aspects. The TURION 3-9x40 will not only make you a more accurate shooter, it is the best riflescope under $500, and with our TRACT Trust Assurance, will remain part of your optics collection for years to come.