Let’s talk a little bit about 30-millimeter riflescopes versus 1-inch riflescopes. A common misconception is that 30-millimeter scopes actually gather more light than a 1-inch tube. That’s really not true because the objective size does not change and the eyepiece size does not change. And those are what determine the light-gathering ability of the optic. The only thing that changes in a 30-millimeter scope versus a 1-inch scope the tube section in the middle of the scope.

Many times you’ll get additional elevation adjustments out of a 30-millimeter tube because the internal lenses used in a 30-millimeter are not true 30-millimeter lenses, they’re actually 1-inch guts. This doesn’t enhance performance at all. The TORIC riflescope with the ultra-high definition optical system actually performs just as good if not better than most competitive 30-millimeters scopes. Try it out for yourself.