TORIC UHD 2-10x42 T-Plex Rifle Scope

The TORIC UHD 2-10x42 Rifle Scope utilizes TRACT’s Ultra High Definition optical system with industry leading SCHOTT HT (high transmission) glass, ED (Extra Low Dispersion) lens and a Fully Multi-Coated lens system that provides incredibly sharp, bright images with superior light transmission values. The TORIC Rifle Scopes are built in Japan with precision components to the highest tolerances by one of the leading optical manufacturers in the world
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Glass-etched T-Plex Reticle

The Glass-etched T-Plex Reticle takes the typical plex-type reticle design to a new level. By eliminating the thick top vertical post, this opens up the reticle to provide a cleaner, less obstructed view of the target. The thickness in the horizontal and bottom vertical posts still allows for fast target acquisition. The point of the bottom thick post is strategically placed to provide bullet drop compensation for various distances based on the cartridge you are shooting. Simply use the IMPACT Ballistic Program to determine your maximum point blank range, bottom post distance and other crucial aspects that will make you a more accurate shooter.

TORIC Riflescope Overview


The TORIC is the riflescope for the long-range hunter and shooter. It features TRACT’s Ultra High Definition (UHD) optical system as well as Schott HT (high transmission) glass to provide sharp, bright images with superior light transmission values that allow you to use the scope in any situation.

Product Overview


This 5x zoom 2-10x42 TORIC UHD Rifle Scope is engineered for the hunter who demands the very best in close and long range conditions. It features TRACT’s advanced Ultra High Definition optical system comprising of Fully Multi-Coated SCHOTT HT (high transmission) glass providing sharp, bright images with superior light transmission of any rifle scope in this class. The ED (Extra Low Dispersion) lens helps eliminate chromatic aberration and increases contrast especially at the higher powers. Take advantage of the quick focus eyepiece, 4 inches of constant eye relief and the Glass Etched T-Plex reticle providing unsurpassed performance in a varity of hunting and shooting conditions. Includes High Profile MOA turret kit with Zero Stop and Locking function. Customize your TORIC rifle scope with a selection of accuracy enhancing accessories such as the Low Profile Impact Custom Turret or High Profile Impact Custom Turret. TORIC UHD 2-10x42 T-Plex Riflescope
TORIC UHD 2-10x42 T-Plex Rifle Scope


Ultra High Definition Technology

TRACT's Fully Multi-Coated, Ultra High Definition optical system, utilizes an extra low dispersion (ED) lens to eliminate color fringing as well as highly prized Schott HT (High Transmission) glass to provide superior light transmission and bright, clear images even in low light hunting conditions.

Main Body Tube

The one-inch, one-piece tube is O-ring sealed and purged with Argon gas, making it completely waterproof and fogproof.

Magnification Ring

The super-smooth magnification ring, with rear facing numbers easily allows you to zoom from low to high power.

Windage and Elevation Adjustment Knobs

Hand Turn windage and elevation adjustments with precise, repeatable and audible 1/4" clicks at 100 yards are easily reset to zero without any tools, making sighting in or field adjustments quick and easy. Includes High Profile MOA turret kit with Zero Stop and Locking function. Customize your riflescope with a selection of accuracy enhancing accessories such as the Low Profile Impact Custom Turret or High Profile Impact Custom Turret.

T-Plex Reticle

The Glass Etched T-Plex reticle takes the standard Plex type reticle to another level by eliminating the thick top vertical post, creating a cleaner field of view while still allowing your eye to quickly find the center crosshair for fast target acquisition

High Profile Turret Kit with Zero Stop and Lock Included

Includes High Profile MOA turret kit with Zero Stop and Locking function

Turret Reset to Zero

Easily reset the windage or elevation turret to zero without the use of any tools. Simply loosen the threaded top cap, lift the turret up and line up the zero with the vertical indicator mark on the turret housing. Thread the top cap on and your are all set!

Quick Focus Eyepiece

Easily and quickly allows you to focus the sharpness of the reticle

Waterproof and Fogproof with Argon Gas

Fully waterproof and Fogproof using O-Ring seals and purged with Argon gas which has a higher resistance to temperature changes versus the Nitrogen used in many other competitor's products.

Matching Graphite colored rings (Not Included)

Don't forget to add Matching Graphite rings to your TORIC scope order. Manufactured by WARNE, these solid steel rings are the perfect compliment to your TORIC riflescope. Fits Weaver bases or Picatinny rails. NOT INCLUDED

TRACT Trust Assurance Warranty

The TRACT Trust Assurance guarantees the functionality of the product for the duration of its lifetime regardless of whether you’re the original owner. No time limit applies and no paperwork is needed.

Product Specs

TORIC UHD 2-10x42 T-Plex Rifle Scope
Objective Lens Diameter
Eye Relief (inches)
4 / 3.9
Exit Pupil
Field of View (Low Power/High Power in feet @ 100 yards)
49 / 9.9
Relative Brightness
Twilight Factor
Diopter Range
Length (inches)
Weight (ounces)
Internal Adjustment Range (MOA)
1 inch (one piece)
Reticle Type
Glass Etched
Fully Multi-coated
Internal Charge
Argon Gas
Parallax Setting
100 yards
Reticle Focal Plane
Eyepiece Outside Diameter
1.73 inches
Objective Outside Diameter
1.97 inches
Objective Diameter (millimeters)
Mount Space
5.33 inches
Length (inches / millimeters)
13.23 / 336
Butler Creek Flip Up Cover Objective Size
30 (not included)
Butler Creek Flip Up Cover Eyepiece Size
19 (not included)
Country of Origin

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    Yesterday, I put about 80 rounds through a short action Fieldcraft wearing a Tract Toric 2-10x42 (Tplex). I like the scope. If changing anything to make it my perfect hunting scope I’d make it in 6x fixed for less moving parts and slightly lighter. A few of the things I like about it:

    Easy to use: Great glass, great eye relief, great “eye-box” (closest I’ve seen to the 6x42 Leupold….very easy to get behind), bold reticle.

    Elevation dial with zero stop: The standard capped elevation dial can be swapped out for a taller elevation dial with a zero stop. The zero stop is a hard zero stop and the design is excellent. Raise it up, dial up to slightly less than 1 rotation (~18 MOA available, 20 per full rotation but the zero stop eats a little of the rotation), can be pushed back down at any point in that range so it doesn’t change. A slightly higher cap comes with it so the user can cap the higher dial if they wish. Standard capped windage and no parralax on this model. I’ll use this capped elevation dial, capping it with a 100 yard zero when hunting woods and traveling, then leaving it bare when hunting fields to dial for longer shots.

    1” tube/mid-weight: I like the 1” tube vs 30mm for slight weight savings. Down side is loss of elevation adjustment for LONG rangers. I think overall it only has ~60 MOA elevation. For a hunting scope, I don’t need more than 18 MOA from zero (with zero stop installed), but I understand that some may. The weight is still a little over 18 oz’s with the capped elevation dial…I’d love it to be under 16, but it’s still lighter than most tactical scopes.

    Yesterday I zero’d it at 100, found my 200 adjustment, found my 300 adjustment, and went back and forth between the ranges many times shooting mainly 3 shot groups. Often I’d run it 18 MOA up then back down. Return to zero seemed good, but I only put about 80 rounds through it, dialing every 3-6 shots….so this is limited testing and yardages were short…but a lot of 18 up/down was done even when not needed.

    I’ve not run this scope through the ringer enough to sing it’s praises and call it all good, but for a “hunting” scope, I really like a lot of the features it offers, especially for a hunting scope that’s going to be dialed. This same scope in a fixed 6x42 would just about be my “perfect” scope….assuming it stands the test of time/use. I’m planning to use it as my only scope this deer season from mid-Oct to the first week in Feb (aside from my muzzleloader). I’m planning to switch it across several rifles….but I’m liking the Fieldcraft so it may stay on it for the entire season…we’ll see. It will get a lot of rough use during those ~4 months…we’ll see how it does.

    I’m not affiliated with the company and I purchased the scope, so don’t take this as me pushing the company. I think the folks at Tract put a lot of thought into how they were designing their “hunting” scopes. They seemed to have designed these scopes specifically for hunting. I think it shows in the product. They’ve got several models aside from the one I used yesterday and I’m not familiar with all the options, bells, and whistles that come with them so check out their website. One more thing that stands out about Tract is their business model of selling their scopes directly to the consumer to avoid retailer markup.