After some of the crew experienced a long day of travel, we all arrived at the ranch around midnight to a full moon and clear sky. Our agenda for the next two and half days was to shoot as much video footage as possible concerning some of the more technical aspects of our riflescopes, real-life experiences from the range with some folks who have never used a TRACT scope and continue to the conversation about the story behind our new optics company and what lead us to put our dreams into motion. And, as seen below, we shot a wide range of photography using the TORIC and TEKOA binocular and the new TORIC, TEKOA, RESPONSE and 22 FIRE riflescopes that will be coming out later this spring.

The snows that swept through the south and hampered travel for some of the team made for a hectic day.

Each morning began with an early breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit and coffee.

After a journey into the highcountry, the sunrise revealed a pretty spectacular landscape.

Meanwhile, back around the hacienda, this peacock ruled the roost.

With Sheap Peak in the background, the video crew set up for our second round of videos, coming out soon.

We filmed a short series of TRACT first timers shooting at the range.

Wild country abound as the nearest paved road was some 12 miles from the house. 

Our guides worked just as hard as we did, tirelessly catering to our every photographic need.

And then the sun set on this photo expedition just as quickly as it rose. 

 Note: While it's likely that some of these images were compiled by members of the group, the majority were taken by photographer Tyler Sharpe.