We’ve talked about why you’ll pay less for our optics, having cut out the middleman and retail markup. We’ve also talked about how our products are high-quality and superior to any in their price class. Now, we’re going to dive in deeper as to why whichever TRACT binocular you choose is going to be the last one you’ll ever need.

No middleman. No retail markup. Just quality optics.

TRACT’s Ultra High Definition Technology

In our binoculars, TRACT’s Ultra High Definition technology is maximized by all of the elements that are part of the optical system, including extra low dispersion glass, super high reflective dielectric coated and phase correction coated prisms, and fully multicoated lenses. These ingredients in a sleek design and super-tough rubber armored body make TRACT binoculars easy to pack and extremely durable while producing crystal clear imagery in virtually any low-light conditions.

TRACT has specifically chosen the top riflescope and binocular manufacturers in the world to offer the very best in glass and lens coating technology so the hunter and shooter can experience the benefits of high-end optics at a reasonable price. Let’s face it, the glass makes the optic. The composition and coatings of the lenses are the difference between a pretty good image and a crystal-clear image.

Oil-phobic, Scratch-proof, Fingerprint-resistant Lenses

Bright, clear, sharp and detailed are just a few adjectives we’ve heard when referring to the image you’ll see through a TRACT binocular. Using a highly advanced coating on the eyepiece and objective lenses, our fully multicoated lenses are incredibly scratch-resistant and prevent various oils, dust and dirt from adhering to the surface of the glass. Our prisms have a phase correction coating to help preserve accurate color transmission as well as enhance the sharpness, contrast and saturation of the transmitted image.

Superior Body Armor

We have outfitted every TRACT binocular with a super-tough rubber armor with tactile texturing that protects the body from the inevitable bumps and bangs it will take along the way. The flagship TORIC binoculars are built with a nearly indestructible magnesium alloy, which is a lightweight and durable construction that can withstand anything that’s thrown its way.

The quality of a TRACT binocular stems from the interior optics to the protective rubber body armor.

The TEKOA’s frame and chassis are built with fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate. This lightweight, durable design makes these binoculars a hunter's choice for long days afield when pack weight is paramount.

The last thing you want to have to worry about as you’re scrambling through the mountains after a once-in-a-lifetime bull elk is your binoculars. Regardless of a few scuffs, the superior outer protection of TRACT binoculars will keep it functioning.

Mechanical Eyecups

We’ve installed mechanical eyecups on the eyepieces so that you can make adjustments for optimal eye relief. The specialized eyecup design features a multi-stop function that holds the position of the eyecup in place and does not move until you're ready to reposition them. Rounded edges that contour to the shape of your eye sockets provide the ultimate in comfort during long hours of use. Simply turn and slide for quick and simple adjustments. For those who wear glasses, the eyecups should be in the retracted position. Folks who don’t wear glasses should use them in the fully extended position.

Center Focus Knob

One of the key essentials of the binocular is the smooth central focus knob that allows users to focus the binocular (both barrels simultaneously) with just one hand. Focus from near to infinity in just over one revolution and never let your prey get away without a good look even when there are only seconds to spare.