Lana South of Texas Explains How Her Binos Made All The Difference

When I first began hunting with my husband, he always stressed the importance of good quality scopes and binoculars. While I always trusted what he said it was not until I really began hunting by myself that I truly understood what he was really saying. Now after several years of hunting I couldn’t imagine not hunting without good binoculars and good scopes. We live and hunt a lot in East Texas. East Texas has a lot of varied terrain that includes wide open fields usually surrounded by thick timber. This creates lots of shadows and highlights that can play havoc on lesser optics. Much of our game does not move in the open except for the early morning hours or right at dusk. These are the times that most lesser optics fail.

Glassing The Edges To Expose What's Out There

It’s mid deer season in Texas, never quite knowing what the weather will be or what will show up, if anything, you prepare for it all. A good all-weather jacket, plenty of snacks, water, a good book, and of course my phone. All of this PLUS your hunting “equipment”, the perfect all-around gun topped with good glass, and of course you have to have your binos too. Loaded down with ALL of this I head out early before light breaks to get to my stand and settle in before the best part of the day. Soon you can to see shadows starting to open, the sky is getting lighter, then you hear the first chirps of the day with the birds starting to stir around, Oh Man, if you aren’t out there at this time of day you are missing out!  The distant edges of my set up are still too dark to really see what’s there so I use my TRACT binoculars to expose those edges to see what’s hanging out there. Without them all the saplings sprout Huge horns! LOL! I keep glassing the edges every so often.

                SCHOTT HT Glass & an ED Lens Provides the Needed Resolution & Low Light Performace

Good Binos Pay Off

After sitting in my stand most of the morning not see much of anything and lunch time was coming on! I thought I’d give my “Predator Pro” app another try to see if I could get one of those cats to come check it out. I turn on the app and select the “Baby Bobcat” sound and let it go. Looking around, it wasn’t long before I see movement at the far left edge of my set up. Then it was gone… did I see something, was it a bird, rabbit…? I pick up my TORIC binos and clearly see, YES, it’s a big bobcat! OH MY Goodness, here it comes! He’s headed my way… he suddenly stops in mid stride, sits down, and then crouches down... did he see me? I turn the volume way down on my phone hoping not to scare him off.  Then I see a young doe approaching, clueless that a bobcat is near. With his attention diverted to the deer I move into position with my gun. The deer stops suddenly, turns and eases back into the woods.

The Bobcat Sits Up and I Shoot!

I can’t believe it, I just called in my 1st bobcat and shot it on my own. Hard to believe, I know. I’ve been hunting and calling in predators for many years, but I have always been behind a camera and someone else on the gun! Not this time, just me and my phone, my “Predator Pro” app, all my snacks, and gear and I finally have this Nice 27 lb. tom cat!

                                       Nothing Beats a Good Binocular to See Detail Back in the Brush.

Thank goodness I had my binos with me as I may have never seen this cat early enough to get on him with my rifle. If you are in the market for a good binocular, I highly recommend the TORIC 10x42 Schott HT by TRACT Optics. I’ll never hunt without mine again.  Lana South