As you plan your summer, consider the open road into a part of the United States you’ve never seen. Along the way, there’s a likely chance you’ll also see other hidden gems you’ve yet to witness. This country is full of places that fill the soul with wonder and allow the spirit to soar, places that still hold on to what some might call “the more simple times.”

We have some suggestions on how to get the most out of your road trip. Where you go is up to you; adventure abounds throughout the country, even though we’d quietly suggest “Go West, young man.” Once you’ve done it, the allure to go back is magnetizing.

Plan… a Little

Just the big parts. Like where to end up and the important things everyone wants to see along the way. Detours are essential to a well-done road trip, so don’t fear straying from the course. You just never know what you might find.

Pull Over Often

Who doesn’t love a good roadside diner or microbrewery? Trust us, they are everywhere! When you’re planning the end destination with your friends, you may have a few spots in mind where you’re going to stop. Also come to an agreement that random pullovers are absolutely necessary.


Choose your tunes wisely. Or is that even a consideration these days what with all the music technology at our fingertips? We’d say at least find a common ground on what you chose to listen to. An alternative is for everyone to pack headphones, but this takes away from an important aspect of road trips called conversation. Remember those?

Food & Drinks

One of the best parts of a road trip is getting to taste the cuisine of whichever region you’re traveling through. However, for the sake of the in-between times on the long, desolate stretches of highway that tie together the West, take some snacks and bottled water. Clif Bars are fantastic for fighting moderate hunger. Plus, they can ride in the trunk or sit in a hot car without ever spoiling. If you have room for a cooler, bring it. Say you’ve stopped on a desert highway for a short hike or just to stretch your legs. Nothing beats a cold drink of water in the summer heat.

Comfort/Camping Equipment

Pillows and blankets or sleeping bags and tents. Maybe both. The former for car comfort and the latter is a necessity for camping along the way. It’s cheaper than staying in hotels. The experience of spending your nights in nature is a hard one to beat. You can choose from a few of the thousands of regulated campgrounds throughout the country or make your own. As long as you’re not trespassing, we’d recommend the latter.  

No matter your summer plans, enjoy time well-spent with friends and families. Whether through road trips, backyard cookouts or scouting for big game, it’s a great time of the year to be outside. And if we can make one last suggestion: take along a TRACT binocular. Never know what you might see that needs a closer look.