TORIC UHD 4-20x50 30mm Riflescope Tested

Most optic tests are done with the scope mounted on one rifle. The folks at Shooting Illustrated were so impressed with the performance of the TORIC 30mm 4-20X50 First Focal Plane riflescope that after fully testing the scope itself, they continued to use the scope to test a total of 15 different rifles. Read the full review by Rifle Editor Steve Adelmann.

“I usually mount a test scope on at least two rifles, testing over the course of a couple weeks to get a feel for its strengths and weaknesses. However, in the Toric’s case, my sample optic found its way onto a total of 15 rifles over the course of several months. Test platforms ranged from an 8-inch-barreled SBR to a 22-inch-barreled precision rifle, with most bases covered in between. I used every bit of the scope’s generous 4 inches of eye relief on the wide variety of platforms, always obtaining target images that were clear across the entire field-of-view.”

Turrets You Can Count On

“Click-adjustments were crisp, and consistently tracked true for windage and elevation. Nicely sized knobs incorporate a pull-to-unlock design that is both easy to use and important on an optic with tactical world potential. While the knobs stay out in this position, they lock back down with very little effort.”

Zero Stop Easy To Install

“The scope comes with a zero-stop ring that can be placed inside the elevation turret, just under the knob. Zero stops are particularly useful for shooters who prefer to dial in elevation corrections, but desire a mechanical stop point at one’s zero. When in place, no eyes are needed nor clicks counted to know you’re back where you started. The zero stop was easy to install—I did it in about a minute"

A left-side-mounted rheostat provides 11 brightness levels that cover the gamut from dusk/dawn lighting to the brightest daylight. Setting the scope’s zoom at 4X allowed me to easily acquire the fully illuminated reticle for hasty shots at closer ranges. The entire mil portion of the reticle illuminates, so all mil (or MOA) markings are usable in low light. The rheostat has “off” positions between each setting, allowing the shooter to leave it one click away from their preferred setting.

MRAD Reticle at 4x  

MRAD Reticle at 20x

“The Toric’s mil reticle subtends in .5-mil increments on all four stadia lines out to the 6-mil mark. Below center, these half-mil marks extend all the way to 10 mils, with 8 of those mils visible at 20X magnification. The side and top stadia switch to .1-mil increments between 6 and 9 mils, providing a scale for precise ranging measurements without cluttering the center of the reticle. Line thickness was perfect for my half-century-old shooting eye, but it might be a touch thin for older eyes.”

TORIC 30mm Accessories

The Toric’s power-adjustment ring was easy to manipulate through the full zoom range, but not so much that I worried it would get moved inadvertently. An add-on throw-lever option is offered for competitors wanting to trim every fraction of a second possible off their engagement times. Other accessories available from Tract include mounting ring sets, a bubble level, Tenebraex flip-open covers and receiver rails for Remington 700 short- and long-action platforms.

 TORIC 30mm Accessory Kit Improves Performance

TORIC Image Quality Better Than Anything Else On Hand

“Image clarity comes up often in precision-optics conversations. Tract describes the Toric’s “Ultra High Definition” optical system as having extra-low-dispersion lenses and Schott high-transmission glass. That sounds like advertising gibberish, but it translated to excellent edge-to-edge clarity in all directions with bright, clear target images in my test optic. I tested it alongside other long-range scopes, and the Toric’s image quality was better than anything else I had on hand, including two big-brand scopes that cost more than twice as much as the Toric. Several range sessions were accompanied by rain and copious humidity. Of all optics present—spotting, aiming and ranging—the Toric maintained the best visibility.”

A Riflescope Capable of Extending Your Accuracy

“Overall, the Toric UHD 30 mm is a good option for those rifle shooters who are in need of a riflescope capable of extending their accurate shooting distances. Not only is it a functional scope, its one-piece tube looks good in a matte-graphite finish that lends itself to blending in with multiple paint schemes and environments. I would have no qualms about putting Tract’s long-range offering up against similar scopes from big-name competitors.”