Customer Luke Laprad takes 2nd at the Season Finale for Absolute Zero Sniper Matches
Frontline Defense Firearms Training Center in Warrenton, NC.  

"I was a little apprehensive about changing gear right before the finale, however, I was pretty confident in the TORIC after shooting it and running it through its paces a couple weeks beforehand."

A winning Combination - Jack Keister Customs and the TRACT TORIC 30mm

9 stage course of fire. Each stage usually consisted of 10-12 rounds at targets from 450-1,000 yards with targets varying in size.  The shooters had to engage targets at varying distances, size and shooting order in a 90 second par time. 

"This is where a FFP reticle comes in handy because you can do this at various scope power, depending on the size and power you want to use. "

There were "dial stages" where you need to have confidence in your equipment to dial out to 1,000 yards and other distances for your targets, then come back to “zero”." 

Luke sets up for one of the nine stages on the course

"The TORIC was able to dial out to these distances, with nice tactile adjustments and back with no problems. The zero-stop worked flawlessly and made sure my revs were consistent, not dialing past zero and causing problems with DOPE (Data On Previous Engagement) adjustments on stages."

"Glass was very clear, even with changing weather conditions. The match started off warm and clear and changed to cool, foggy and rainy. Even in these changing conditions the scope never fogged up and my sight picture was always very crisp."