I remember a trip out west into elk country many years ago. For many months I planned and prepared. I got into good shape, became a great shot at all distances from all angles. My gear was customized to my body and style of hunting - perfectly worn-in hunting boots, a fail-safe rifle with a world-class scope and my favorite binocular, an 8x42 that I’d used successfully for many years in my home whitetail deer woods.

My guide and I found ourselves perched high on a hilltop as the sun rose on day one. He instantly spotted distant elk near the edge of the dark timber that I just couldn’t see. It was almost embarrassing. I felt like I was out of my league. Perhaps I wasn’t in tune with nature and wasn’t a top-notch hunter. Or perhaps my guide was lying to elevate my hopes. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I haven’t seen a thing all morning,” I said.

My guide, we’ll call him Mike, didn’t say a word. He only reached into his pack and handed me another binocular. I suggested that I didn’t need another binocular. His answer was tossing them into my lap.

“Right there. About 11:00,” he said, nodding toward an adjacent hillside. “Pretty nice bull.”

I swallowed my pride, putting his binocular to my eyes and instantly spotted a heavy-horned bull milling about a small glade.

“Guess I need a new binocular,” I said, laughing sheepishly.

“Just a new one for elk hunting,” he said. “The 8x doesn’t cut it out here. In this big, open space, it’s 10x and higher.”

Since then I’ve hunted elk a few more times, always with a 10x42 binocular. In fact, TRACT offers the best 10x42 binocular for the money. You may find some cheaper, but they are just that, cheap. Then there are the big-named brands that have been around since the Earth cooled. Their glass is good. But it’s also expensive because you’re paying everyone from the designer to the truck driver that drops them off at the retail store where it’s probably stocked by a teenager who you also pay.

Here are a few of the highlights of the TORIC 10x42:

Winner of Outdoor Life’s Great Buy Award

The TORIC 10x42 binocular was the recipient of the Great Buy Award from Outdoor Life’s 2016 Optics Test.

TRACT’s Ultra High Definition Technology

TRACT’s Ultra High Definition (UHD) Technology is maximized by all of the elements that are part of the optical system, including extra low dispersion glass, super high reflective dielectric coated and phase-correction coated Schmidt-Pechan (roof) prisms. It also includes fully multicoated lenses.

Enhanced Ocular Design

The enhanced ocular diameter of the TORIC provides for a wider field of view and longer eye relief while minimizing the blackout that occurs with improper eye position.

Multi-Stop Eyecups

The specialized eyecup design features a multi-stop function that holds the position of the eyecup in place and does not move until you're ready to reposition them. Rounded edges that contour to the shape of your eye sockets provide the ultimate in comfort during long hours of use.

Magnesium Alloy, Waterproof Body Construction

The lightweight, super-rugged Magnesium Alloy body construction makes this binocular a hunter's choice for those days when durability matters. It is purged with argon gas and sealed with an internal o-ring for superior fog and waterproofing.

Scratch-Proof, Oil-Phobic Lens Coating

Using a highly advanced coating on the eyepiece and objective lenses, the fully multicoated lenses are incredibly scratch-resistance and prevent various oils, dust and dirt from adhering to the surface of the glass. They’re also made to keep light from reflecting off the polished glass surface.

At home in the big woods east of the Mississippi River, I’m perfectly comfortable using my trusty 8x binocular, when a wider field of view is of the utmost importance. But when it’s off to the great west where the vastness can make a body feel awful small, I’m never without a 10x binocular. To find the best 10x42 binocular for the money, simply click here. Good hunting.