The world is mere weeks away from creating a pile of wrapping paper so big it could choke a dinosaur. Many presents will hardly see the light of day. They’ll be tucked into a closet, accidentally thrown away or even re-gifted. However, some gifts have the ability to alter one’s life for the better, and that’s why we’d suggest giving something that will also last a lifetime: a TRACT binocular.

While there are many reasons to give your hunting friends and family members a binocular for Christmas, we’ve come up with the top three. Even if you aren’t a hunter, or don’t know many, the power of a binocular to bring you closer to the world is unparalleled. Magnification takes us to the places our eyes can’t reach on their own.

Bring the World Closer

Through the power of magnification, binoculars allow you to enter into a space where animals or people have no idea you’re there. Whether it’s studying a buck at 200 yards, identifying specific characteristics of a bird or enhancing your adventure travels, binoculars will get you up close and personal. Never again fear missing out or straining your eyes to see what a binocular can easily pick up.

Give TRACT binoculars this Christmas - the gift that's guaranteed for a lifetime of use.

Bring Light to Your Eyes

Binoculars are designed to gather light; much more than your eyes’ natural ability. Making images appear brighter in low-light conditions allows you to enjoy times in the field when Earth’s creatures are most active. Because of the high-end coatings in TRACT binoculars, you’ll see so much more and really take in your surroundings. As we age, our eyes start to fade and that’s why binoculars are such an important part of time in the field.  

A Gift for Life That Never Goes Out of Style

You can put your trust in us to provide a high quality product that we guarantee will not fail you for the duration of its lifetime. Ownership of any TRACT product automatically falls under the TRACT Trust Assurance Warranty regardless of whether or not you are the original owner. No time limit applies and no registration is necessary.